Movie Poster Round Up! Dolly Parton in Joyful Noise! Michael Fassbender in Shame! Jason Biggs in American Reunion! Will Ferrell in Casa De Mi Padre! Jason Segel in Five Year Engagement! Madonna in W.E.!

Wow, there are tons of cool new movie posters out, and I mean like, I’m a little shocked. It’s rare that I get a whole new batch of posters that I think are that fun… For one reason or another… Now, not all of them are “good” but that’s irrelevant isn’t it! LOL…

First on the block is the new poster for American Reunion. Now, I’m excited for this movie… I think it will be a great addition to the franchise, and personally I thought the trailer was pretty damn funny. This poster is… well it’s okay, a tad photoshop gone bad, but you know… what can you do? It’s always great to see Alyson Hannigan on a poster lol…

american_reunion_ver2 american reunion new one sheet movie poster jason biggs alyson hannigan rare promo mena suvari sean william scott

Next up we have the poster for the Michael Fassbender movie Shame. Also known as the movie where Michael Fassbender is naked! lol… I kept hearing that over and over and over. I really want to see this movie, but as of yet haven’t had the chance. The poster is pretty cool featuring a shirtless image of Michael Fassbender laying in bed. It’s a great image and really lets you know what the movie is about. Two thumbs up!

shame_ver4 shame michael fassbender shirtless naked rare movie poster promo hot sexy one sheet abs

Madonna directed a movie… It’s called W.E. and is being distributed by the Wienstein company. I saw the trailer and honestly it’s not a film I would probably go see if not for the Material Girl’s name being attached. With that said, the poster is pretty cool. It’s simple, but I love the color scheme, very Restoration Hardware and the black and white image.

we w.e. rare one sheet promo poster madonna directed promo one sheet movie poster hot sexy shirtless image promo poster

A film I have never heard of until I saw the poster is Casa De Mi Padre starring Will Ferrell… I still have no idea what it’s about but it’s probably very Three Amigos, at least that’s what I’m getting from the retro style poster image. Still it peaked my interest so the teaser poster did something right.

casa_de_mi_padre case de mi padre rare promo teaser one sheet movie poster will ferrell hot wester comedy three amigos

Also just released is the poster for Five Year Engagement with Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. Again the trailer is great and this poster is pretty funny. I like both of the leads and even though it’s trying really hard to be Bridesmaids, at least they have the stars in the movie posing in the same room without a heaping helping of photoshop. It’s simple and funny. What more can you ask for!

five_year_engagement five year engagement rare promo one sheet movie poster jason segel emily blunt hot sexy 5 year engagement promo poster one sheet

Finally… Just… Pure… Madness… It’s Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, and two other people I have no idea who the hell they are or why they are above the title in Joyful Noise, or as I like to call it, American Idol gone horribly wrong. Why… Just why… It’s horrible…. and I mean like Showgirls horrible. The movie itself looks terrible, but again Showgirls terrible. And I love me some Dolly but Lord Jesus… Queen Latifah looks like she’s trying to be Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, Dolly is leading a parade, the other dude is about to pick someone to win a car, and the girl… She looks like a hunchback. Shear horrible bliss. And the mysterious hands… It looks like they are trying to reach up Queen Latifah’s dress and trust me no one wants to reach up Latifah’s dress… Love it! It’s so bad it makes me smile.. Dream a whole lot louder… What does that even mean? Dream of a Mac Truck barreling down a highway? I mean it’s like blind people did this poster! But honestly I think that a blind person would have done a better job. Good times…

joyful_noise rare promo one sheet movie poster dolly parton queen latifah keke palmer jeremy jordan hot sexy rare musical

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