Movie Poster Round Up! Jennifer Lawrence In Hunger Games! Channing Tatum in 21 Jumpstreet! Jeremy Renner in Bourne Legacy! Alexander Skarsgard in Battleship! Jon Hamm in Friends With Kids! Julia Roberts in Mirror, Mirror!

It’s movie poster round up time! Well, it should be crappy movie poster round up! My Lord, the horrible posters that just came out… I can’t even… It’s as if we should get a match and just burn… Burn them all… Ah well… what can you do?

First up on the chopping block is the worst poster for 21 Jumpstreet ever! Starring Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill… It kills me writing that, because I think Jonah Hill is possibly one of the worst actors out there… Sigh… Anyway, this poster makes even Channing Tatum look bad… He’s shooting over Jonah Hill’s head… A little lower Channing… A little lower… Jonah Hill looks like a a photo shopped muppet… Oh my…

twenty_one_jump_street_ver3 21 jumpstreet rare one sheet movie poster channing tatum jonah hill rare hot sexy one sheet movie poster promo

Now comes Mirror, Mirror… Everything I have seen for this movie makes me say, AVOID! And now this new poster looks like I would rather drink bleach then see it. Really guys? Come on now… Let’s just toss the stars around the boarder and hope people don’t realize this is going to blow… I think we all know… Plus the castle looks like a cupcake…

mirror_mirror_ver6 rare promo one sheet movie poster lily collins julia roberts hot sexy promo poster hot snow white armie hammer

The latest in the all star cast films is Friends With Kids… Now, this poster isn’t half bad… I hate the… Let’s put the actors in geometrical patterns and not have them pose thing… but you know what, I don’t hate it here… It’s true…

friends_with_kids rare promo one sheet movie poster jon hamm kristin wiig maya rudolph hot sexy promo one sheet movie poster

The newest monstrosity from the people behind Transformers is Battleship… Why aliens.. Why! But the poster is not that bad… It’s just the teaser, but it doesn’t repel me which is a good thing cause I do not want to see this film.. At all… Even with Alexander Skarsgard in it…

battleship_ver3 battleship rare teaser poster one sheet taylor kitsch alexander skarsgard rare promo movie poster transformers

Jeremy Renner is taking over the reins from Matt Damon in the Bourne films… I’m not sure how that’s going to go… But so far the poster is only so so. Joan Allen and Edward Norton are rounding out the cast so that’s a good thing. But clearly they are banking on Renner. This again is just a teaser poster so I’m hoping the later posters are better…

bourne_legacy jeremy renner in the bourne legacy rare promo one sheet movie poster promo hot sexy joan allen edward norton

Finally a new Hunger Games poster is out… It’s a simple variation of the individual posters… Jennifer Lawrence just looks so so good at Katniss… I’m hyper stoked for this… I mean it… I just feel like this movie is going to ROCK… And even though the images are simple they are really effective!

hunger_games_ver24 jennifer lawrence in the new hunger games one sheet movie poster promo rare katniss everdeen hot sexy archer rare

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