Movie Scoop! Green Lantern In Superman Vs. Batman? 22 Jumpstreet Cameos! Jodie Foster In Iron Man 4?

There are a few random rumors popping up on the net as of late. Some are pretty interesting.

First off, there’s a rumor that Batman Vs. Superman is going to be adding yet another superhero to it’s lineup. It’s getting crowded in there isn’t it? There’s Batman, Wonder Woman, and now… Green Lantern? But it’s not Ryan Reynolds. I think everyone wants to forget the memory of Green Lantern.

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So who will play the Emerald hero? The rumor is… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. According to Latino Review, The Rock tweeted he was in talks with DC earlier this year.

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Latino Review also has an interesting rumor that Robert Downey Jr. is interested in doing Iron Man 4 only if his friends Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson are in it as well.

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I don’t how much stock I would place into that one, but I know Robert Downey Jr. has been trying to help his old friend Mel Gibson for a long time. If Jodie Foster wants to join a Marvel film… I think she could pretty easily.

And finally, It looks like Brad Pitt may be shooting a cameo for 22 Jumpstreet. Jonah Hill’s former Moneyball co-star reportedly shot a small part in the film. Another cameo, one more in line with the film would be Richard Grieco who played Dennis Booker in the television series 21 Jumpstreet and the spinoff series Booker.

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It totally fits and since he was at the last premiere, I’m sure that it’s going to happen.

For more you should check out Latino Review!

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