(Ended) MTF Contest Time! Win A Copy of Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound On DVD Courtesy of Shout Factory!

Can I just tell you how much I love Shout Factory. First off, they rescue classic shows from the depths of oblivion, they release amazing titles, and any company that brought us The Facts of Life seasons 4 and 5 on DVD is awesome in my book. Now, we’re all waiting for season 6… Come on guys…

Anyway, Shout Factory is releasing Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound on DVD March 6, 2012! And we have copies to give to you! Can I get a Whoo to the Hoo!

Puppy lovers rejoice! Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound will arrive on DVD on March 6, 2012, from Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc. The DVD set will contain bonus feature Learn to Draw Lucky.

The Pound Puppies are a team of fearless dogs whose sworn mission is to find homes for lonely puppies. Even though they look like regular dogs, these pro-active pooches match up pups with loving families fulfilling the mantra of a pup for every person and a person for every pup—all while they keep the humans at Shelter 17 clueless. Sometimes dogs are dogs’ best friend!

The Pound Puppies series is currently airing on The Hub in the U.S. and YTV in Canada. The DVD release marks the North American home entertainment debut of Hasbro Studios’ hit show.

So, you’re asking how do I win?

I want to know what your favorite dog is. It can be a breed, a pet, Benji, etc…! LOL… It could be anything. And yes, you can say Theo, the MTF Mascot!

Theo a cute adorable brown french bulldog rare small adorable puppy rare french bulldog puppy

Leave your answer here on this post in the comment section and also leave the same comment on the MTF Facebook page here…. Where? HERE!

If you want an extra chance to win follow MTF on Twitter Here! Leave me your twitter name in the comment section as well.

For a Third chance to win, (re) tweet or facebook the contest out to your friends… Leave me the text in the comment section!

Good luck guys! Winner’s will be chosen by Random.org on March 11th!

Pound Puppies: Homeward pound dvd cover art rare promo dvd press still icon jpg rare shout factory hasbro

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