MTF Flashback! As Long As We Got Each Other… The Family Ties Cast Reunites At The Paley Center to Celebrate Gary David Goldberg! With Meredith Baxter Birney! Michael Gross! Tina Yothers! Justine Bateman! Scott Valentine! Marion Ross! Barry Bostwick!

It’s a holiday weekend and you know what that means… It’s freaking slow here in La La Land! Plus, my mom, AKA Mama Fanboy has been in town, so I’ve been spending some quality family time with her as well… Plus, a furry friend has been visiting me! Yep! Theo!

So, I figured it would be a great time to take another look back. Now, I’ve been watching some 1980’s sitcoms for a while the past two weeks. I’ve been in a very retro mood. One of the shows I loved from my childhood is Family Ties.

Well, the Paley Center held this very special event for Gary David Goldberg who created Family Ties, Spin City, Brooklyn Bridge, etc… The entire cast of Family Ties sans Michael J. Fox was there, as well as Barry Bostwick from Spin City, and Marion Ross from Brooklyn Bridge.

I was lucky to be a member of the museum at the time and back in the day with a membership you would get free events like this. My friend Rene and I headed down to the center to check out the festivities. This was before I knew about preparation. In fact the only thing I had was my Family Ties season 1 DVD set.

The evening began with a panel q and a featuring all the stars. Also joining was Scott Valentine as Nick… I had to write that lol…

The panel was preceded by a video montage with classic bits from each series. After the panel there was a reception for everyone. It was catered! What free food! And even had an open bar! Hot damn!

The stars all came down after a few minutes. The first person I saw was Meredith Baxter Birney. She came down the steps and got a drink. We then went up to her and chatted for a few minutes. She was so nice! This was clearly before she came out of the closet, and if I remember correctly she had a woman with her but you know who would have put two and two together.

Mike the fanboy posing with family ties star meredith baxter birney from family ties at the paley center in hollywood

Anyway, Meredith was so sweet and talked about Family Ties and was happy to sign my DVD. The funny thing is she crossed out the “Birney” on the back of the package. LOL…

family ties dvd cover signed by the cast the back where meredith baxter birney crossed out her last name

Then I really wanted to meet Justine Bateman… I mean hello it’s Mallory! Justine was walking around and looked like she was about to leave. She was happy to stop and sign my DVD and pose for a quick photo. Not that chatty though.

mike the fanboy poses with justine bateman from family ties at the paley center in hollywood rare fan photo

I did see Scott Valentine and I had him sign the DVD as well. I could kick myself for not getting a photo with him. Doh! Oh, to be a newbie. He was so kind. We literally talked for 10 minutes, and when I brought up “My Demon Lover” he just about flipped!

Then I saw Michael Gross, now I told my friend Rene about how I wrote Michael a fan letter back in the day and he responded with a lengthy letter back and wouldn’t you know it, Rene brought it up to Michael Gross! LOL… Oh Lord… He kept teasing me and even said I’ve been stalking him all these years. As luck would have it, Tina Yothers was leaving and was saying goodbye to Michael as we were talking so I was able to get a photo with both of them.

Mike the fanboy posing with family ties stars michael gross and tina yothers rare signed autograph

I then saw Marion Ross and waited to get a photo with her as well. Again, I wrote Marion a fan letter when I was three apples high and Rene told her about it. So sweet!

mike the fanboy posing with happy days star marion ross at the gary david goldberg tribute at the paley center

Marion said, “Did I write back?” I said yes, and you sent me a book as well! And she said, “Then that was a damn good letter!” lol… She was just like you would want Mrs.C to be! Why do I rhyme?

mike the fanboy posing with happy days star marion ross at the gary david goldberg tribute at the paley center

Gary David Goldberg was signing his book so I had him sign my DVD. Just then Michael Gross comes over to the table and says, “Watch this guy Mike Gary, he could be a stalker.” Then started laughing. LOL… It was such a nice evening.

Then on the way out we ran into Barry Bostwick, which kills me because I didn’t even think of bringing anything Rocky Horror with me! Hello Fanboy Fail! Barry and I chatted for a second and he asked me how tall I was, when I said I was 6’3 he said, “No, I’m 6’3 you have to be at least 6’4” so we stood back to back and yep, I’m 6’4. So whenever someone asks how tall I am I can now say, “According to Barry Bostwick I’m 6’4”

mike the fanboy posing with spin city and rocky horror star barry bostwick at a gary david golderg tribute

It was honestly such a fun night. Now the Paley Center doesn’t have events like this, it’s more to get people to buy a ticket and get out. But back then they had some amazing events.

Until next time kids…

family ties dvd cover signed by the cast autograph tina yothers michael j fox michael gross meredith baxter birney justine bateman scott valentine

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