MTF Flashback! Forgetting My Name! Babbling Like A Freak! All In The Name Of Meeting Party Girl Star Parker Posey! Heh – HEH – HELLO!

Ah Hollywood… you know in this hobby there’s always the possibility… well the probability of becoming jaded. I mean, you get to meet people you’re admired for years, loved their movies, television series, etc… So, if I ever feel that way, I think it’s healthy to look back at a time when I wasn’t perhaps so jaded. Lol…

The… Let’s just say second celebrity for sake of argument, the second celebrity I even met in Los Angeles was one of my absolute favorites. Now, some of you know her for her character work in Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show, Superman Returns, but I fell in love with her in a small movie called Party Girl.

I can only be talking about Ms. Parker Posey. I love her, LOVE HER! She’s one of the people I will always have something for and who I will always make time to try and meet.

I was with one of my most awesome friends, Femi and let’s just say it was a hot hot day. Yep, we were melting. Femi told me numerous times, “This is the only time I’m ever going to do this… It’s hot, sticky and that’s not a good look for me.” To make matters worse we were on hot black asphalt. Ugh…

I was armed with my Dazed and Confused special edition DVD and of course my Party Girl DVD hello. “HEH HEH Hello!” “What’s up buttercup? The rent and I’m not paying.” Had to do a couple quotes.

I was seriously so nervous, so nervous in fact that I didn’t sleep the night before. You have to understand this was years before I even thought of going to a premiere, I was just a kid from Detroit who used to watch all these indie films with my friends and so the possibility of meeting someone was just… unfathomable… Unlike now. Lol…

We were waiting outside a talk show, and there were maybe four other people there. Yeah, I know right? Only four and not the chaos we see everyday… Or I see everyday I should say.

The show ended and the few others didn’t even care about Parker Posey in fact I don’t even think they knew who she was. Dying… Here I am losing my shit and they were like…”Parter… Pomey?” I don’t think quoting Party Girl would have helped. By the way, if you haven’t seen Party Girl. Get up, go to Netflix, Redbox, or wherever and watch it, then come back to Mike the Fanboy and finish reading this article.

There was some activity, and suddenly there was Parker with her publicist and her dog. The dog was so cute. I will never forget my friend Femi yelling her little heart out for me. We were waving our DVD’s and I swear… Parker Posey started walking over to us, and I lost my shit. I lost my name, I lost my brain, and I almost passed out. And Parker is so shy. I thought I would get a taste of the outlandish characters she plays, but in real life Parker is so down to earth and a gentle soul.

Mike the fanboy meeting party girl star parker posey after a talk show taping rare superman returns best in show a mighty wind

I only remember this because Femi told me that I kept it together moderately well. I thought I was drooling on myself and melting into a puddle. I know at one point Parker asked me my name and I couldn’t respond because I couldn’t remember. This happened with P!nk once as well… Sigh…

parker posey signed autograph party girl dvd cover rare hot sexy librarian promo indie film daytrippers best in show

Femi stepped in and helped me out and told Parker what a huge fan I was. I was able to get a photo with Parker and what kills me is that Parker would have chatted away but since I was making intelligent conversation like, “Name, no remember me, like pretty girl, Parker, Scream… HEH… Funny, Daytrippers…” I think she moved on to talk to Femi! This was Parker’s first time seeing the Criterion version of Dazed and Confused which is now signed by Jason London, Rory Cochran, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey , Joey Lauren Adams and Ms. Posey.

parker posey signed autograph dazed and confused criterion dvd Jason London, Rory Cochran, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey , Joey Lauren Adams and Ms. Posey

Parker was so nice chatting about the movie, and I was still in seventh heaven. God knows, I was probably a crazy person, but what can you do right? It’s said that you never forget your first, well Parker’s not my “first” but one of them and I’m so thankful that she is so hyper nice.
Parker is one of the reasons that Mike The Fanboy exists!
Awwwwww… 😉

Until next time kids…

Mike the fanboy meeting party girl star parker posey after a talk show taping rare superman returns best in show a mighty wind

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