Happy Holidays From The Mike The Fanboy Family! Check Out The Pictures From The 2019 Holiday Party!

2019 is drawing to a close and as we celebrate the holiday season, I just want to take a moment to say thanks for sharing another year with us here at MTF.

We’ve loved sharing out moments, posting your experiences and just enjoying being fans and friends. If you’re interested in writing for MTF, doing some articles or even a column, drop me a line! mike@mikethefanboy.com

2019 has been a year of new experiences, new friends and hopefully new laughs as well.

MTF is a site that’s a labor of love and it’s exciting to see how it grows year after year and it’s only possible because of our awesome readers (so many whom I’ve met this year, which has been really great!), our fantabulous writers (who need to write more!! and great contributors (Everyone who sends in stories and adventures, I really appreciate it. I love hearing about everyone’s experiences, even more than I do writing about my own sometimes!) and my friends and family!

A big welcome to Lisa-Lisa. Jordan and Jeremy who joined us this year. Hopefully, we’ll have you around for years and years! And JM who has re-joined in our adventures!

Extra special thanks goes out to all my friends who I sadly neglect year after year, Scott who puts up with my madness and Theo who gives me snuggles!

On behalf of the MTF family: Billy Beer, Scotty the Music Man, Pinky, Ace, Suddenly Susan, JM, Big Mike, Jeremy, Lisa-Lisa and Jordan, we wish you the best of the holiday season!

Check out the photos from the Mike The Fanboy 2019 Holiday party. Suddenly Susan, Jordan and Jeremy sadly couldn’t make it, but they were missed!

We had a couple fun cameos from forever MTF’ers Anushika, and The Novel Strumpet who were sequestered from the party, but were still on hand. We love you guys!

May 2020 bring you abundant joy and lots of love along with some fanboy goodness! And all the selfies and autographs you can handle!

Mike and the MTF Family!


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