MTF Rant! Is Dolly Parton Faking Autographs To Sell More Copies Of Her New CD?

I have to tell you, I’m pretty pissed off. I know, two rants in one week!

So, I’m on my way home today and Ace calls me, “Bro… Bro… Bro… Those Dolly Parton signed CD covers are autopened.” I was like “No way!”

If you remember we did a deal of the week post on the Dolly Parton signed cd’s from Wal-Mart. If you pre-ordered the cd you got a free signed cd cover from the country music legend.

Well… Ace sent me the comparison photo below and needless to say, I’m not happy.

dolly parton fake signed cd

P/C Ryan Connelly

If you advertise that something is signed, don’t fake it. I mean seriously, let’s stop for a second and think about it. If you’re telling people that you signed your cd and then have it autopened that’s 1. a lie and 2. a slap in the face to all your fans.

I get it, Dolly might not want to sign a couple hundred cd covers. Cool. Then don’t do it. Don’t give away a “signed” CD cover to get people to buy your new album either.

Is this what Dolly Parton has to resort to, to sell a CD now a days? I mean, I love me some Dolly Parton, Backwoods Barbie was awesome, I haven’t heard Blue Smoke yet, but I’m going to slap that old return label on it, because no way in hell am I going to be duped like that.

dolly parton blue smoke signed autograph cd sleeve

It can be the best album in the world, but you have just screwed over all your fans, it’s rude, mean, disingenuous and I will never.. NEVER spend any more money on Dolly Parton memorabilia again. And before you ask, I have gone to concerts, I have have programs, concert shirts, etc…

dolly parton blue smoke signed autograph cd sleeve

I just find it so sad and desperate that someone who is a country music legend, who built their career out of a persona of sweetness and country charm would do something like that. It’s… It’s… It’s Unsouthern. I just quoted Blanche from Golden Girls, that’s how mad I am.

I’m very sorry guys, I’m sorry I reported and passed the link along, I suggest that you contact Wal-Mart and give them a piece of your mind, let’s all do it.

Dolly Parton Blue Smoke World Tour Agua Caliente Casino January 24 201439

Really, buyer beware. Be careful and read all the websites clearly. I never thought someone like Dolly and a retailer like Wal-Mart would stoop so low.


dolly parton steel magnolias gif

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