MTF Rant! Kanye West Is “Forced” To Talk To People And Listen To “The Stupid Things They Say” To Him! WTF!

Quit Lying! Someone still gives a crap about this overrated rapper?
If you haven’t read the article or seen this lost reality television video about Kayne, you have to watch it.

The video reveals that this celebrity travel team to the stars dodges hotels in order to keep the displeased Kanye West happy. Apparently, a hotel he stayed at told people he was staying there, hence West avoiding that hotel in the future.
kanye west signing autographs

The most shocking part is where Kanye is discussing the time he spends at airports.
As Kanye claims, “People like to say really stupid things to me.”
He continues, “Ok, that’s completely politically incorrect.” Then he added, “No, I really like being in airports. I like people walking up to me and saying shit like, ‘Are you Kanye West?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Quit lying!’ And the whole time I’m (pretending to be) on the phone.”

Kind of ironic… The fans that he pokes fun of are the same fans that would have wasted time watching his failed attempt for a reality television series. These are the same fans that listen to his music. Honestly, these fans are the reason for his celebrity existence.
No wonder the show didn’t get picked up… If this was the pilot, all we need to see was more celebrities being pretentious dick bags flaunting their success in the faces of the humble fans that support their lifestyle.
Kanye West photo rare headshot promo

I always knew Kanye West was a jerk, but my personal hatred for him was never as enflamed as it is now…
I only wish him the absolute worst… He needs to come back to reality…
Talk about a Gold Digger that NO ONE should give a shit about…

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