MTF Rant! Mark Hamill Leads The Charge Against Fake Autographs While Gouging Fans For “Real” Ones At Conventions!

It’s rant time, you know there’s really an interesting debate that I have with myself about signings versus getting an autograph just out and about.

Now, I see both sides of the story and I do both, some cons are a lot of fun and I don’t mind paying for an autograph if need be.

I don’t know if you heard about the whole new Mark Hamill autograph law. I should be clear, it’s the law he’s trying to push through. Where in Los Angeles he’s trying to get the protections that sports autographs have extended to film and entertainment autographs.

He’s also been “authenticating” his autographs via twitter.

Recently, Mark Hamill did an interview with the BBC about the fake autographs out there and how he’s upset that most of the memorabilia out there is fake. While I won’t argue that there are a lot of fake autographs out there, I go to a con and see booths and booths of dealer selling fake autographs left and right.

Mark Hamill autographs from Sara Tasker on Vimeo.

Here’s the thing, I agree with what Mark Hamill is saying in theory, however he’s been on a media crusade pushing this agenda and what everyone that has interviewed Mark Hamill has failed to even talk about is the fact that his income is dependent on CHARGING FANS for his autograph. It’s very difficult to get Mark Hamill to sign anything in person and he’s not very cool out and about to fans even at q and a’s.


So, doesn’t it feel a more than a little self serving to be telling people how horrible it is that there’s all this fake memorabilia when you charge upwards of 150 bucks for an autograph? What does that equal about ten bucks a letter? I mean come on.

I would be singing a different tune if Mark Hamill was like Jessica Chastain or J.J. Abrams and really tried to sign for as many people as possible. No, that’s not Mark Hamill, he runs and hides, trust me I’ve been out for him. He even once thanked the theater owner at a q and a for helping him “getaway.” He tries to squeeze fans for every last penny at his conventions and it’s bullshit.

Mark Hamill

I just wish one major media outlet would do their job and just ask him about how much he’s charging fans or hoe much he makes per year doing conventions like that. And let me tell you, I wouldn’t be going on and on if Mark Hamill was charging Mark Hamill prices. I mean if he was like 60 or 80 dollars, I think that’s not horrible. Lets be serious though, 150 bucks is way too much, but Mark Hamill knows he can get it.

I think it’s self serving bullshit. I know everyone loves Star Wars, but it’s a dick move Mark Hamill. Stop gouging your fans, stop gouging Star Wars fans, and then maybe this “crusade” of yours wouldn’t ring so false.

By the way… Corvette Summer rawks!

Climbing off the soapbox now.

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