MTF Rant! Meg Ryan… Why Would Someone Draw A Line Instead Of Signing An Autograph! Say Wha?


So, I normally reserve my MTF Rants for things that happen to me, but damn. I mean damn.

Meg Ryan was out and about and a friend of mine got her really low key. Apparently, she wasn’t the nicest person in the world, but did sign. Now… I don’t know what it is about people, but I understand why they would purposely ruin people’s things.

If you don’t want to sign, don’t do it. But to do this?

Meg Ryan signed autograph photo 2

That’s like a line. Meg Ryan wrote a line on a photo? Like… why bother? This isn’t even a case of bad penmanship, this is just like a giant “screw off” to her fans.

Let’s face it, it’s not 1989 anymore. People are not crawling over themselves to run out and meet Meg Ryan. Times have changed and You’ve Got Mail is as dated as AOL.

Meg Ryan signed autograph photo 2

The thing is though, if you clearly don’t want to sign, and you feel obligated to do it, fine. But a line? Really?

I just saw this and thought I would share it. It’s really just as bad as my Keira Knightley autograph on my Love Actually poster.

Keira Knightley autograph signed love actually poster signing autographs imitation game q and a benedict cumberbatch 7

I just don’t understand why people would bother… Sigh…

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