MTF’s Top 10 Alternative Easter Movies For Your Viewing Pleasure! Happy Holidays Everyone!

With Easter here, I was thinking… What are some good Easter movies… Then it dawned on me… Easter is sorta boring… I mean yes Jesus rose from the grave, forgave our sins, cleansed out souls, all well and good, and very appreciated JC. Really… But the question is what do I watch besides the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer…?

So, here is the Mike The Fanboy list of alternative Easter movies for your viewing pleasure… Or not… HEH HEH HEH HEH…

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – Featuring a seductive Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins from Mermaids this film blended live action and animation like no other film before it. Plus, Baby Huey is awesome!

who_framed_roger_rabbit rare promo one sheet movie poster promo hot kathleen turner jessica rabbit

Donnie Darko – Perhaps the creepiest rabbit known to man. I saw this movie and had nightmares about that frakkin rabbit for years. It was in my closet, in was in my shower, I closed my eyes, and there it was. So, I had to get the cast to sign my one sheet. Problem solved. I’m not scared anymore!

donnie_darko_ver1 one sheet movie poster promo drew barrymore jake gylenhaul hot sexy patrick swayze

Alice In Wonderland – Any version will do, but since we’re going with the alternative theme let’s go with the Tim Burton film. No, it’s not perfect but as I watched it for a second time I thought you know what… This is pretty decent! And Helena Bonham Carter ROCKS!

alice_in_wonderland_ver6 tim burton rare promo one sheet movie poster promo johnny depp rare

Fatal Attraction – For the Easter hater in all of us… I won’t be ignored! And bye bye bunny. It really gives those Cadbury egg commercials a whole new spin doesn’t it? Mmmmmm Bunnies…

fatal_attraction rare promo one sheet movie poster glenn close michael douglas

The House Bunny – For those “other bunnies” the Anna Faris comedy that I personally love! This film is great viewing for those in the mood to laugh and feel good about those sad Playboy Bunnies… Sniff… Sniff… Sniff…

house_bunny rare promo one sheet movie poster promo anna faris hot sexy easter film poster

Beaches – There’s nothing more frightening then opening the door to Bette Midler in a bunny costume singing “Mr. Bunny Boy.” I’m still scared… Shiver…

beaches rare one sheet movie poster promo bette midler barbara hershey rare

Miss Potter – For those of you looking for a little history with your Easter, give this really overlooked movie a spin. It’s quite cute and is all about Beatrix Potter…

miss_potter_ver2 rare one sheet movie poster promo rene zellwiger one sheet movie poster promo

The Matrix – Follow the white rabbit Nero… I mean who wouldn’t want 1990’s Keanu Reeves to follow them… Really… And that was an adorable tattoo!

matrix_ver1 the matrix rare one sheet movie poster keanu reeves carrie anne moss laurence fishburne

Steel Magnolias – Quite simply the film for all seasons, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be a little gayer than you were before you put it in your player. Just give in though… Trust me… “Your colors will be blush and bashful…”

steel_magnolias rare promo one sheet movie poster promo sally field julia roberts hot sex dolly parton promo

Best in Show – Yep, this dog comedy staring Catherine O’Hara… O’HARA… Yep, the nicest women in Hollywood, in one of the funniest films of all time… Kills me! That O’HARA is a cut up!

best_in_show rare promo one sheet movie poster promo catherine o'hara eugene levy michael mckean

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