MTF’s Top 10 Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day! Okay, There’s 15 Movies To Watch I Couldn’t Stop Myself!

So guys, It’s Valentine’s Day… I know, I know… It’s a Hallmark saturated holiday, however, it’s recognized by everyone, and you know well… It’s here to stay! So, in the old, if you can’t beat them, join them motto… Here are Mike The Fanboy’s top 15 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day!

And no Hot Rod did not make the list!

And yes, I’m sure I missed some so feel free to add yours in the comment section!

mr_and_mrs_smith_ver3 rare promo movie poster promo one sheet hot angelina jolie brad pitt hot sexy rare promo damn fine

15. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Not the “normal” Valentine’s Day sap, but still adorable none the less… Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play the Smith’s boring married couple then quickly turn to trying to kill each other… Then they fall in love again… Come on it’s Angie, who hasn’t fallen in love with her!

moonstruck rare one sheet movie poster promo cher snap out of it rare hot promo movie poster

14. Moonstruck – Cher stars with the normally loathsome Nicholas Cage in this adorable romantic comedy. “Snap out of it!”

notebook rare promo one sheet movie poster promo rachel mcadams ryan gosling hot sexy duo

13. The Notebook – Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling make up this lost love romance. Oh, Rachel McAdams how I love you!

mystic_pizza rare one sheet movie poster promo julia robert lili taylor annabeth gish hot sexy rare classic romantic movie

12. Mystic Pizza – If you haven’t seen this small indie film about three friends growing up in Connecticut you are missing out. Annabeth Gish, a pre-fame Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor headline the cast and are perfectly cast. It will make you want to order some Italian treats I warn you!

overboard rare one sheet movie poster promo goldie hawn kurt russell valentine's day movie

11. Overboard – An overlooked little gem of a film. Real life partners Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell star in this cute tale of a spoiled heiress that finds real meaning in life and falls in love with her rugged handyman!

valentines_day rare promo one sheet movie poster julia robert anne hathaway rare jamie foxx hot

10. Valentine’s Day – I know I know, you’re going to say this movie sucks. But I liked it, and on the day itself it’s pretty tolerable! Plus Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner are adorable! It’s a shallow little film, but by the end you will smile, I guarantee it!

say_anything... say anything rare promo one sheet movie poster promo john cusack ione sky hot poster promo

9. Say Anything… – No one does romance like Cameron Crowe, whether he’s falling in love with music in Almost Famous or making us fall in love with Lloyd Dobber in Say Anything… Cameron Crowe is awesome… Plus, Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes… Sigh..

some_kind_of_wonderful rare promo one sheet movie poster mary stuart masterson lea thompson hot sexy rare

8. Some Kind Of Wonderful – This was such a wonderful movie! Where the tomboy in all of us gets the man she fell in love with, but he’s too stupid to see it… The antithesis to Pretty In Pink, this film makes the wrong side of the tracks look pretty damn right!

when_harry_met_sally rare promo one sheet movie poster promo hot meg ryan billy crystal poster

7. When Harry Met Sally… – Now, this isn’t my favorite film of all time, but It’s pretty damn good. Meg Ryan is at her best and even the most romantically challenged among us can stand to watch this Rom-Com classic!

thirteen_going_on_thirty 13 going on 30 rare promo one sheet movie poster promo jenna rink

6. 13 Going on 30 – Another Jennifer Garner film! She is adorable, and I love her! So pitch perfect as Jenna Rink you really feel like she is 13 years old… I dare you not to smile… DARE! Sigh…

pretty_in_pink rare promo movie poster promo one sheet molly ringwald andrew mccarthey jon cryer

5. Pretty In Pink – I love the 1980’s and this is the most Romantic Molly Ringwald film ever… Blaine? That’s not a name, it’s a Major Appliance! I love those wrong side of the tracks films and the plight to find true love… Sigh…

pretty_woman rare promo one sheet movie poster promo julia robert richard gere hot rare promo poster

4. Pretty Woman – This is the classic “Cinder-Fuckin-Rella” tale done with Shelby from Steel Magnolias AKA Julia Roberts. Ah, good times… Not the best directed film of all time but you can not say there there isn’t magic between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere!

pretty_woman rare promo one sheet movie poster promo julia robert richard gere hot rare promo poster

3. While You Were Sleeping – Sandy! Swoon… I love me some Sandra Bullock, and this small little tale with the wooden Bill Pullman is adorable. Sandra is in her prime and becoming an A-Lister here… She rocks this movie and is so so so cute!

love_actually_ver1 rare promo one sheet movie poster promo hot sexy rare liam neeson hugh grant

2. Love Actually – Honestly, this really should be on my Christmas movie list, but it’s so so so good you can watch it any time of the year. It’s awesome! Hugh Grant is great, Liam Neeson really brings a lot of pathos to his role, It has an all star cast and is pretty damn great!

princess_bride rare promo one sheet movie poster promo andre the giant the princess bride rare hot promo

1. The Princess Bride – Love, Valor! Giants! Trolls! Princess Buttercup! It has everything for everyone in your ENTIRE family! Awesomeness from start to finish! Period.

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