New Fast Five Movie Poster… I know someone who is going to cream himself! And more kick ass Red Riding Hood Posters! Will They Ever End?

red riding hood foreign movie poster one sheet amanda seyfried rare sexy hot gothic mean girls

I’m in love with the imagery from Red Riding Hood… IN LOVE! It makes me want to run out and see this movie, so it better not suck. Amanda Seyfried I’m talking to you… Letters to Juliet… not your best work. I love you, I really do… but I have to put that out there! And there’s a new poster for Fast Five or The Fast and Furious Five also known as the only movie Paul Walker can do that’s not straight to DVD. i’m just saying I have someone I know who uttered the words, “Paul Walker is my God.” So, I’m treading lightly here… And I understand the sad gravity of the statement above and it is burned into my brain with a soldering iron. Sigh… The new poster for Fast Five is lame… But Whatever! It will make a jillion dollars… sigh… Check it out after the jump!

Fast Five Fast and the furious 5 one sheet movie poster advance rare one sheet paul walker

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