New Movie Poster Round Up! Marky Mark Wahlberg in Contraband! Liam Neeson in The Grey! Daniel Craig in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! Martin Scorsese’s Hugo!

Movie poster round up time! A bunch of new stuff has just been released so of course we have to look at it and dissect it, and all kinds of fun! There are some fun movies coming out this winter…

One movie I’m really looking forward to is David Fincher’s Girl With a Dragon Tattoo! I love David Fincher! I really think he’s a genius when it comes to filmmaking and even if you don’t necessarily love the movie, it’s still a unique viewing experience. Well, GWADT comes out this christmas and a new poster has just been revealed. I love the look of it and I think that the noir feel is great. Sigh… I can’t wait for this one!

girl with the dragon tattoo rare david fincher rare promo poster liam neeson rooney mara sexy hot rare noir movie poster version 2

Next up we have Marky Mark… I mean Mark Wahlberg in Contraband… Now, as you guys know I’m a huge fan of the Marky Mark, and this poster is okay… A tad too much photoshopping… I mean come on guys, and the money around the waist is a cool idea but I don’t think this is an interesting poster at all… Sorry guys… It could have been executed way WAY better… Sigh…

Marky Mark Wahlberg in the contraband one sheet movie poster rare teaser hot sexy rare promo sexy hot teaser movie poster

Then there’s the new Martin Scorsese film Hugo. I had no idea what was going on with this, then I saw the preview the other day. It could be really interesting… and I mean it’s Scorsese! Hello… Speaking of Filmmaking geniuses… Hello! The poster itself is good, it looks very winter like which I think is the point. I like it a lot and think that this could be really kick ass… And to borrow a phrase… Magical!

martin scorsese hugo rare one sheet movie poster rare promo teaser poster november 23rd rare promo

And finally we have the new one sheet for a movie called The Grey… It clearly stars Liam Neeson. I know it’s a simple headshot but I like this poster! It’s so good. You immediately know what this is about right when you see it. Liam Neeson is fighting for his family once again! lol… Still, this time… He’s cold and fighting for his family. I kid I kid.. I actually like this a lot!
the grey rare one sheet movie poster liam neeson promo poster hot sexy love actually unknown teaser poster

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