New Movie Poster Round Up! Tom Cruise In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol! Johnny Depp In The Run Diaries! Zac Efron In New Year’s Eve! Antonio Banderas in Puss In Boots! Rob Pattinson In Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1! And… The Star Wars Phantom Menace Re-Release… Gulp…

I know what you were thinking, you woke up today, had a good stretch and said, “God, I would like another movie poster round up!” And guess what! My friends you are in luck! It’s round up time! Whoo to the Whoo!

Let’s get started! First of all, I’m not a huge animation fan… But I confess something, I love Puss in Boots! I know I know, but Antonio Banderas is so good! And I’m the one who said the only decent Shrek movie was the second one! I still stand by that… But anyway… This poster features the feline hero with fire all around him. It’s adorable! I love all the posters they have done for this series!

antonio banderas in Puss and boots rare one sheet movie poster hot sexy rare promo poster fire

Next up is the Three Stooges… WHA? I admit this is a little before my time, I just don’t get why this movie is getting so much press. It’s like… Eh… and this first teaser poster just seems slight… I know the logo is supposed to be cut off, and yes it is just a teaser, but this does not get me excited to see this… Not that I think much could…

the three stooges rare promo teaser one sheet movie poster sean hayes rare just say moe

Then we have a new version of The Rum Diary poster. This time we see Johnny Depp hung over and shirtless standing in his room. It’s fun, I like the trailer, but… Something just makes me go, “Oh, a good night for Redbox.” Maybe that’s just me… And I do love the Depp.

the rum diary rare promo poster johnny depp shirtless one sheet promo poster hot rare chaos huner s thompson

I’m only posting this for Anushika, but there’s a new Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 banner… Maybe it’s just me but do people in their mid 20’s really need this much airbrushing? It’s like they are action figures and the marketing people want them to look alive, but they are really plastic… Or worse anamatronic… Creepy…

twilight_saga_breaking_dawn_part_one rare banner promo movie poster rob pattinson taylor lautner kristen stewart promo poster rare

In the same vein of Valentine’s Day is the one sheet for New Years Eve… I don’t get this… At all… This must just be that they can’t get this cast together for press or a photo shoot or something… Because who in their right mind would put out a poster with a mishmash of headshots of people looking in different directions… It’s like… Wha? Why? Sigh… Oh, and it’s gold in case you didn’t know it was NEW YEARS EVE! Ugh…

new_years_eve rare promo one sheet movie poster zac efron michelle pfeiffer ashton kutcher rare hot sexy garry marshall teaser poster

One cool poster after the next for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol This one features Tom Cruise hanging off the side of a building… But damn… It looks awesome! The photoshopping is slight, it’s action packed… I mean damn, who ever is doing these posters ROCKS!

mission_impossible_ghost_protocol rare one sheet movie poster version 2 tom cruise hot sexy rare jeremy renner promo

And now… For the release no one cared about… Star Wars Episode 1 the Phantom Menace. I like to call this film, the movie that killed Star Wars.. but you know to each their own… Maybe there are five people in the world that want to see Jake Lloyd scream “yippee!” or see Jar Jar Binks again… Wait… I just threw up in my mouth a little. Wait… I threw up a lot. It’s interesting this poster doesn’t feature the wooden Natalie Portman or Hayden Christensen… Let’s cross our fingers for The Clone Wars! Ugh…
star_wars_episode_one_the_phantom_menace re-release promo one sheet movie poster darth maul yoda ewan mcgregor promo poster

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