New Movie Posters! Tom Hardy In The Warrior! Transformers: Dark Of The Moon! Tayor Kitsch In John Carter From Mars! Daniel Craig And Harrison Ford In Cowboys And Aliens!

Wow, a bunch of movie posters have been released these are all… well… very male… lol….

First off we have the boxing movie aptly titled Warrior starring Bane from the new Batman film Tom Hardy along with Joel Edgerton featuring the two ripped boxers standing side by side in black and white. It reminds me of the Marky Mark movie the Fighter for some reason… I guess boxing right? Hey, it’s getting late don’t give me grief! Lol… Still very simple and cool poster!
The Warrior rare one sheet movie poster Tom Hardy shirtless sexy joel edgerton shirtless boxing rare promo hot fine rare muscle workout
Next is, Sigh… Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I hated and I mean HATED the last Transformers movie and this poster…eh… it’s same old same old… sure it will make a bazillion dollars and then they will reboot the series and run it into the ground… sigh… I guess there’s not much you can do to make machines look different in every movie… but still… Ah well…
transformers dark of the moon rare final one sheet movie poster shia lebeouf hot promo rare optimus prime megan fox promo trailer sexy rare rosie huntington whitely
And then there’s John Carter from Mars now just titled John Carter starting Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights and Wolverine. Again, he’s shirtless in silhouette… Hmmm a new trend perhaps? It’s a teaser so it’s just giving you a taste of what’s to come. Still kind of a cool image…and the logo isn’t ON TOP OF Taylor Kitsch’s face so that’s good! Lol…
john carter from mars rare one sheet movie poster taylor kitsch sexy shirtless naked movie poster hot sexy chest abs muscle workout photo hot friday night lights bicep wolverine gambit
Finally… Cowboys and Aliens… Or also known as the film that earned some unlucky bastard a pen in the eye at Comic Con 2010. It’s a simple poster with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig… but pretty cool none the less… I mean it gets the point across right? Ah… good times… Indian Jones and 007 teaming up to fight aliens in the wild wild west… I would have loved to be in that pitch meeting!
cowboys and aliens rare one sheet movie poster harrison ford daniel craig olivia wilde sexy rare promo hot jamed bond 007 tron legacy house hot sexy photo shoot indiana jones star wars sabrina

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