New Outlander Posters!!! It’s Claire and Jamie Against Black Jack Randall!!! One Month Until Outlander Returns to Starz!

Stop the presses!

Starz has just released a pair of posters for the second half of  Outlander‘s first season which starts in exactly ONE MONTH!  Can you believe it’s almost here!?!?!?

Anyway, remember the original poster?  The one with Claire reaching for Frank with Jamie behind her?


The new, brilliant posters are a twist on this with an update on where the story left off last fall. Once again Claire is with Jamie, but they are squaring off against Black Jack Randall.  Ooooo!

Outlander 1.1 poster

Outlander 1.1 poster - Randall

Enjoy the posters and get set for the final month of waiting!!!  Can NOT wait!!!!

Stay tuned!

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