New Posters! Men In Black 3 Has Will Smith Going Back! Back to the Future! And A Little Bit of Generic Photo Shop On The Amazing Spider-Man! Doh!

Here come the Men in Black. Back again… You know, I wasn’t a giant fan of the first two… They were okay but nothing that screamed, “Get to the theatre pronto!” actually, I’ve never said pronto and meant it but that’s a story for another time.

The new one sheet for MI3 as the kids call it is out… Eh… It’s okay. Will Smith riding a circle car like the trailer. You know… it’s fine, nothing that makes me want to see the movie more or less. The tag line though… Wasn’t it stolen from Back to the Future? Great Scott! lol…

MIB-poster Men in black 3 MIB3 rare will smith one sheet movie poster promo driving a circle car back to the future tag line

And another new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man. Again, it’s too soon, too many superhero movies, just I dunno. It’s cool though. I like the damage on the front of the suit, it’s fine. Nothing new though. I’m kind of… eh… on both of these movies. Compared to the “Wow” factor of Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus these two just seem like retreads.


the amazing spider man rare promo one sheet movie poster the amazing spiderman rare andrew garfield emma stone rare promo dance

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