New Smurfs One Sheet Movie Poster! Also Cabin In The Woods Finally! And X-Men First Class!

the smurfs one sheet movie poster rare promo pappa smurf jonathan winters katy perry alan cumming rare blue men peyoOhhh new posters abound! First, a pretty decent butchering of my childhood with the new Smurfs poster. I don’t know why I was thinking this could be a decent film. It won’t be. It’ll be crap. Ah well, what can you do? Put Pappa Smurf in black sunglasses and try to make him seem like Alvin and the Chipmunks? Sigh…Just destroy all that is sacred Hollywood!

Then there’s the new Cabin in the Woods poster… Wow, a NEW poster for the Joss Whedon horror film! I love this poster, I loved it, what two years ago now… Well, with the Avengers coming out I’m sure this will finally get released… Sigh…
cabin in the woods one sheet new teaser poster joss whedon sexy chris hemsworth thor poster horror rare delayed
And Finally, X-Men first class has the new French one sheet movie poster… It’s better than the others I’ve seen but this whole reboot just seems to be missing the mark on so many things… sigh…

january jones xmen first class french teaser poster rare promo james mcavoy jennifer lawrence rare promo poster hot

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