New Smurfs Spanish One Sheet Poster and Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow In the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Banner!

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I wish there was a way to type the Smurfs theme song… Sigh… There just isn’t. I mean how do you type, “La La LA la La LA LA LA LA!” you can’t do it and all caps, and lower case just doesn’t cut it.

Well, as a huge Smurfs fan, I love the new Spanish one sheet movie poster! It’s adorable. Yeah, this will be crap. I mean come on! LOL… But it could be fun crap! And that’s what I’m hoping for! Katy Perry is Smurfette for God Sakes! I am curious as to why the Smurfs can be seen so clearly in the dirty glass of the subway when you can barely see the humanoids? Interesting…

And we also have the new banner for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Personally, I was done with Pirates of the Caribbean once I was able to get off that damn boat at Disneyland. Still, this one could be good. I think the banner is pretty cool, if uneventful.

Check out Johnny Depp in all his glory after the jump!

pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides johnny depp captain jack sparrow rare promo one sheet movie poster hot benny and joon blow at words end

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