New Television Poster Round Up! Cougar Town Season 3! GCB With Kristin Chenoweth! Mad Men Season 5! Justified Season 3! The Finder! Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch! The Walking Dead Season 2!

TV poster round up time kids! Whoo Hooo! It’s midseason time, where your favorite shows come back with new episodes or just finally come back on the air! Cough… Cough… Cougar Town. When the shows that get tossed on and only air two episodes before the cancellation scrap heap are replaced with reruns or more random shows that will probably not make it!

So, to get things started lets talk some Cougar Town shall we? It’s finally back! YAY! Man oh man, talk about getting shuffled around… I’m so happy the series is finally going to air, not too happy with this new promo poster which looks like a rehash of season 2’s poster, but you know what… beggars can’t be choosers. I didn’t expect ABC to put any marketing muscle into Cougar Town so to even get a poster is a miracle!

cougar_town_ver3 cougar town season 3 rare promo poster courteney cox jules cobb rare abc one sheet poster rare premiere

Now, the Walking Dead had an incredible cliffhanger at midseason after what some thought was a dragging season 2. This poster basically takes that moment and reminds us all what happened. Nothing too exciting but damn if the look on Andrew Lincoln’s face doesn’t say it all… I do love me some Walking Dead!

the walking dead season 2 rare promo poster the walking dead returns andrew lincoln shooting zombies amc rare promo poster

I love me some Kristin Chenoweth! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I’ve been super stoked for G.C.B. which was Good Christian Bitches and now is Good Christian Belles yeah whatever! LOL… The poster… Is awesome! I love it! Love it! I’m hoping that this is the new Desperate Housewives like season 1 Desperate Housewives… Sigh… Wouldn’t that be nice!?!?!

gcb_xlg g.c.b. good christian belles good christian bitches rare promo abc poster hot rare Kristin Chenoweth catholic rare promo poster

Kiefer Sutherland has a new series on the air; it’s again on FOX and called Touch. The promo poster features what is supposed to be a tiled image implying hey, we’re all the same and yadda yadda yadda… I get it. Nothing too original and nothing that will make people forget Jack Bauer and 24. Still a nice start.

kiefer sutherland in fox's touch rare promo poster premiere rare 24 jack bauer

Mad Men has a fun teaser poster for season 5. I love it. It’s so so so simple and using the image from the credits was a great idea. It’s not the official poster, just a teaser and it’s a great way to remind people about the show since it’s been off for what… 17 months?

mad_men_ver12 mad men season 5 rare promo poster teaser jon hamm returns christina hendricks hot rare teaser poster promo

Justified is another one of my favorite shows and the new poster for season 3… Rocks! It’s pretty damn awesome. I love when a simple image is used so well. Timothy Olyphant in a chair with a gun… Damn… Season 3 is going to be pretty damn awesome!

justified season 3 rare promo poster FX raylen gibbens timothy olyphant in a chair with a gun

The Finder is a new spin-off from Bones… It stars Geoff Stults and by the looks of this poster he’s a dork who can’t swim. I’ve been looking forward to the Finder and this is what they are using to sell the series… Oh Lord… I get they want to go for quirky but… Guys… Really? Sigh… Do people even look at this stuff anymore?

Geoff Stults stars in the finder rare promo bones spin off promo poster hot rare sexy hairy chest hot fox

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