New! The Help One Sheet Movie Poster With Emma Stone! and Yet ANOTHER New Thor Poster with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman!

the help one sheet movie poster emma stone viola davis bryce dallas howard movie poster Mike Vogel

I am so excited to see The Help! Not just cause I love me some Emma Stone, but because the preview looks so cute! And touching, and funny, and all that craziness that makes my heart go a pitter patter… ah sigh…

Speaking of making my heart go pitter patter, there’s yet another new Thor poster.. I know I know the momentum is gone now.. How many posters can one movie release I ask you? But this one is pretty hot with new addition of the uber fan friendly Natalie Portman… I know how funny was that right? I said fan friendly and Natalie Portman in the same sentence!

I just giggled again… lol… ah good times…

thor one sheet movie poster chris hemsworth hot muscle workout fine bicep natalie portman sexy photoshoot rare hammer cape tricep abs damn

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