New Thor Individual Character Posters With Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins!

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Thor! Have I told you how excited I’m getting for Thor? Huh, have I? Have I? Anyway, the lovely Erica just shot these over to me. It’s a couple individual character posters for Mr. Chris Hemsworth, Thor himself, and legendary Anthony Hopkins as Odin!

I never did dig the eye patch, but it’s Anthony Hopkins! Hello! As long as he’s not in The Wolfman, or Alexander, or Meet Joe Black, or Ugh… Hearts in Atlantis I’m all for him! Wow, he’s been in a lot of crap! Lol… Anyway, check out the Anthony Hopkins individual poster after the jump and check back later on today for more!

anthony hopkins rare promo individual promo mini poster thor odin asgard king marvel individual mini poster promo rare

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