New Vampire Diaries Promo Poster with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley!

the vampire diaries Ian Somerhalder nina dobrev individual promo mini poster paul wesley hot sexy rare promo CW promotional

Okay, I’m just going to give up at this point. I keep hearing all these good things about the Vampire Diaries and I’ll be honest I have avoided it. Vampire Diaries just seemed like a kids version of True Blood. I know I’m going to get flamed for this but that’s just how it seemed. But Kevin Williamson is super involved and I hear this is what took him off the full time writing duties on Scream 4… so I figure if that’s the case it must be worth checking out!

So, I have added The Vampire Diaries to my Netflix queue and I am going to check it out. Besides, I love… LOVE these new promo posters. They are hot without being too revealing. Nice. Love it!

the vampire diaries rare promo mini poster ian somerhalder paul wesley duo hot sexy promo poster mini The CW rare hot sexy skin blood
the vampire diaries nina dobrev ian somerhalder paul wesley hot sexy promo poster rare blood sucking damn hot fine photoshoot

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