New Weeds Season 7 Promo Poster With Mary Louise Parker and Teaser Promo! HOT! LOVING IT!

weeds season 7 rare promo teaser poster hot sexy mary louise parker in chains hot rare showtime promo teaser poster hot!

Did you hear that? That was me squealing like a school girl after seeing this new promo shot of Ms. Mary Louise Parker for Weeds Season 7! OH MY GOD! It’s hot… Like H-O-T, totally awesome. Now, I love my Mary Louise Parker and I love my Weeds, and this is just totally awesome. I was wondering if Showtime was going to promote season 7 of Weeds as the final season but so far nothing… hmmmm Interesting!

Also, on squeal number two… This new promo that was just sent to me! LOVING IT! I’m so excited for this new season! Still missing Elizabeth Perkins, but still I think Weeds Season 7 with Rock!

Check out the teaser below!

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