Fanboy News! Kid Rock Calls Out Fake Autographs! Babe Ruth’s Final Autograph? Young Stephen Curry Fan Lost His Mind After Getting An Autograph!

It’s Fanboy News!

This week, Kid Rock calls out autograph fakes! Babe Ruth’s final autograph revealed? Young Stephen Curry fan loses his mind after getting an autograph! And More!

Is This Babe Ruth’s Final Autograph?

Babe Ruth’s autograph has always been in high demand. But many fans don’t realize that Ruth was a very prolific signer. He grew up in a Maryland orphanage and would always oblige when a child asked for an autograph.The Sultan of Swat died 67 years ago, but the demand for his signature is still far greater than the supply. As a collector and fan, seeing authentic Ruth signatures never gets old.

babe Ruth-Photo autograph

This Young Stephen Curry Fan Lost His Mind After Getting An Autograph

There’s no doubt that Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has been working magic on the court thus far this season — but a video posted of a young fan interacting with the MVP off the hardwood is perhaps the most definitive sign yet of Curry’s status among young basketball fans today.

NASA Signatures and Neil Armstrong’s Autograph Are Cheap, But Won’t Be for Long

A photograph of the crew of Apollo 11 mission signed by its three members, NASA astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, is for sale. This is hardly unbelievable, but it’s notable enough to land a spread in an auction house catalog. But how much will it go for? Unless you guessed a number between $3,000 and $7,000, you’d be wrong. Now consider this: Princess Leia’s slave costume, unsigned by Carrie Fisher, went for $96,000. Fake space beats real space on the block.

nasa signed memorbilia moon rock 1

The autograph is becoming a lost art: Feschuk

Marcel Dionne was giving a visitor a tour of his sports memorabilia shop.The place is called Marcel Dionne Inc., and it also includes the occasional flourish of Marcel Dionne ink. Hanging among the racks and shelves stocked with officially licenced NHL jerseys and foam fingers are autographed photos of a who’s who of Hockey Hall of Famers, the 64-year-old Dionne among them.

Fan Expo gen (14)

“Milwaukee is like my second home:” Fans meet ‘The Fonz’ at rare autograph signing

A chance to meet “The Fonz.” Folks in South Milwaukee had the opportunity to meet actor Henry Winkler on Saturday, December 12th.The Fonz was in town for a rare public autograph appearance at the MEARS Autograph Expo.“Milwaukee is like my second home. They treat me with such warmth here. What an honor to have a statue in a city in America because I was having fun on television. And then to come back with my children’s books is amazing,” said Winkler.

Henry Winkler the Fonz happy days promo photo

Kid Rock warns of fake autograph on guitar for sale on Craigslist

The ad looks legit. The seller makes it sound legit. But, Kid Rock himself says it’s not.Someone named Mike is selling a Kid Rock autographed guitar on Craigslist for $275. There are two pictures of the guitar in the ad.

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