Nicolas Cage Bonanza! DVD Dave Meets The National Treasure At A Q And A! Autographs! And More!

There are just those times.. I was out last night for the madness that was the Nicolas Cage q and a and with the 60 or so people there, it was crazy. Like, nuts. And the autographs… Scribbly M’s. Ugh…

I have an original Raising Arizona promo VHS mobile and I didn’t want to get it signed in that madness.. Even though I would have taken it.

Anyway, DVD Dave and Pinky both got lucky and had the opportunity to meet Nicolas Cage before the movie even started. Sigh…

I’m going to let DVD Dave take it away, and I’m going to get myself a drink.Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Let me just start by saying I am a HUGE Nicholas Cage fan. I met him once before but that was back in November of 2002 when he did a Q&A at the Egyptian Theatre. I had heard he was really friendly with fans and he did not disappoint. When I found out he was going to be doing another Q&A in Santa Monica I jumped at the opportunity to get a ticket.

I got to the theatre about an hour before the screening. Note: It is always smart to arrive at your destination about an hour early (premieres exempt) for a number of reasons: 1) check the potential ways of entry, 2) check the accessibility (ie. barricades, security grunts and/or venue trolls), and 3) scope out your competition…um. I mean fellow graphers. Surprisingly, there were only a handful of collectors and they weren’t the aggressive type that ruin graphing opportunities. Looking good!

Shortly after arriving, I see a fellow graphing friend. We’ll call him Devon. He needs Cage just as badly as I do. But his focus is mainly “Valley Girl”. Lots of cool pieces. Next on the scene is the lovely Pinky with her hubby in tow. I’m glad to see them because now I have a guaranteed autograph since I made sure to bring my “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” DVD. Keith is awesome and not only signs it but adds his classic line from the film.

keith coogan signed don't tell mom the babysitter's dead autograph dvd cover

I also take the opportunity to remind Pinky, how nice Keith was BP (“Before Pinky”) when I met him at the New Beverly for a Q&A and he signed about 5 DVD sleeves for me. I do not mention this in front of Keith because he probably would remember me and suddenly decide not to be my friend anymore. Needless to say Keith is cool and I am proud to say I met Keith before Pinky!

But I digress, back to the situation at hand. I bought a ticket to go inside, but that is more of an insurance voucher. I know sometimes celebs will sign outside and not inside and vice versa. It’s good to cover all your bases kids. As soon as the mob of people start going in I rush to get a front seat. This is also helpful. Quit whining about not being able to see the film comfortably! If you wanna see it comfortably you can watch the DVD at home and can stay out of my way!

Once there, I take out my extra jacket and carefully place it over my chair. This is my stake for the event. No claim jumpers here buddy! I make with the chit chat briefly with the people next to me. This way, they know I am here and do not give my chair away. Now I am free to leave the theatre.

I take my backpack of Cage goodies outside to rejoin my friends. Now this is where having alliances is beneficial. Teamwork can be a huge benefit in these situations. As I said before, being aware of potential entry ways is key. Devon felt that Cage would probably enter from a side entrance. Maybe, but we had to keep an eye on all spots. There were other graphers at the opposite corner, so we kept an eye on them. If they morve, we move.

It’s been awhile and the movie is close to start time. I get a feeling that I should just check the spot Devin suggested again. Devon joins me. You gotta trust your instincts. When we get to the corner Devon hangs back while I continue walking. I notice a vehicle sitting there with a bodyguard standing next to it. I call Devon over. Did we miss him? Did he sneak inside?

I discreetly signal Pinky to come over. Never…NEVER run on a down low. This merely attracts the attention of the rest of the pack. Pinky understands that and arrives unnoticed to our location. Upon closer look, we see what appears to be Nick Cage’s son standing by the vehicle as well. We start to approach…slowly. Bodyguards do NOT like any one running up to their clients. Stay on their good side whenever possible. I look closer at the vehicle. Is that Nick sitting in the front passenger seat?!? I tell PInky to get out her signs and flash him. Flash the SIGNS people! Remember guys, celebs hate stinky old men asking for graphs. Whenever possible, bring along a young cute fangirl. It almost always does the trick. Sure enough, Nick waves us over! OMG!!!!

Nick steps out of the vehicle and chats with us! He is VERY friendly and just asks us to be discreet. Of course! We can do that!!! Pinky is able to get that photo opp she wanted. YAY!

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

Meanwhile, Devon and I hurry to get our things out. We aren’t sure how cool Cage will be about signing. Will he just want to sign one and give us back the Sharpie? Honestly, even if that were the case…I would still have been happy. Mr. Cage was VERY generous with us. My firend got 7 items signed. Me? I did pretty pretty….pretty good.

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

I know you are thinking I went overboard…but I had 5 more! I held back. There was still the actual Q&A. Another chance. I asked for a photo as well and Cage obliged.

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

I love that necklace! With that we gush over Nic even more. He takes it in stride as we go all fanboy on him. As we leave and walk around the corner, we see the rest of the graphers running in our direction. We say nothing. We keep our word to Mr. Cage. I think they must have caught him. He signed for them as well I hear. As for the three of us, we bask in the glory of our Cage encounter of the most awesome kind!

I went inside to see the film “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans”. I had never seen it thinking it could not compare to Kietel’s version. I loved it! Cage was great and it had a great humor to it.

After the film, Cage and director Werner Herzog participated in a spirited Q&A. Cage showed off a drawing a fan had given him saying he was going to get it framed. Very cool.

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

Toward the end of the Q&A, a fan asks Nic to sign copies of the Declaration of Independence for him and his friends. You gotta be familiar with “National Treasure” to understand folks! How rude! Can’t he wait till the end like the rest of us?!? Nic calls them up to the stage and signs his “John Hancock” for each of them. I know! It’s a weak joke. Get over it.

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

In hindsight, I should have jumped that train. “Um, Mr. Cage. Big fan! Big fan! I know you signed for me earlier, but this Ghost Rider is just not gonna be happy till you sign it. Oh and “Fast Times” could use your autograph on it to while you’re at it. By the way, BIG fan!” That didn’t happen. In fact, those 4 guys got the only inside graphs because he was whisked out immediately as the event ended. DRAT!

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20146

Outsie I heard Cage was swarmed. Cage did his best to appease the graphers that were swooping in on him. He must have signed about 20. God bless him!

Afterwards, I ran into Scottie and our beloved Mike the Fanboy. Scottie starts off by saying “I heard you got SEVENTEEN!” I correct him and say it was only 11. The smirk on his face is adorable. He asks to see mine to compare the one he just got. Unfortunately, Nics autograph is not as good as it was back in 2002. Look at my Leaving Las Vegas to see what it used to look like.

Nicholas cage fan photo signing autographs aero theater 20149

Nic Cage may not always be out and about, but you can bet that if you are lucky enough to meet him you will have a fond memory of your encounter! Two thumbs up!!!

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