Nicole Kidman Q and A Madness! The To Die For Star Is Really Nice But Security Was Over The Top! Plus The Consistency Of Autographs Is Out The Window!

As anyone who knows me, knows… i love me some Nicole Kidman. Love her!

She’s not the easiest person meet or get an autograph from but when I see that she’s out I have to try. The funny thing is over the years, I’ve maybe gotten her to sign like three times but each time is different. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her to sign the same.

Yesterday, there was a q and a for her new film and Scotty and I headed down to try and see her. When Nicole Kidman arrived there were only eight of us lined up.

The people running the q and a were very rude as usual for this venue, and Nicole started to come over, one of the main girls yelled, she’ll do it after and blocked our line.


Nicole picked up the pen and signed for three of us and stopped. Personally I think it was because of the lady trying to block everyone for no reason. There were no rowdy collectors and everyone was lined up and orderly.

The sad thing is, the autographs are terrible. Like a squiggle at best.


My The Others poster really looks like The Others signed it!

nicole-kidman-signed-autograph-The Others poster-psa-2

So, we decided to wait for the way out. Now, it honestly wasn’t too crazy, I mean shockingly the crowd was light and it wasn’t bad.
But the security acted like it was such a big deal and caused so much chaos when there wasn’t any. It was a little stupid if you ask me.

Nicole ended up signing again, and this time I was lucky enough to get another but it’s like an “N’ sort of line. It’s not bad, but not great.


I’m happy to get it, trust me, and I’ll tell you, she didn’t really seem to have a problem doing it, but the security caused so much chaos. It was silly.


Check out the posters below and you can see what I mean.

nicole-kidman-signed-autograph-to die for poster-psa-1

nicole-kidman-signed-autograph-The Others poster-psa-2

These are some of the other autographs I’ve gotten from Nicole to compare. It’s crazy how they are all so different!

Nicole Kidman signed autograph moulin rouge beauty poster character

Nicole Kidman signed autograph moulin rouge love poster character

sandra bullock nicole kidman signed autograph practical Magic UK Quad mini poster Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014 signing autographs bono sandra bullock37

Nicole kidman signed autograph V magazine hot sexy the paperboy star rare signature hand signed poster promo

Until next time kids…

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