Billy Professes His Love Of The Vampire Diaries After Running After Nina Dobrev’s Limo! Autographs! And More!

There’s one word about Billy Beer and that’s… Timely. Yep, Billy de beer… Or is it Beer De Billy? Has given us an amazing recap of when he chased Nina Dobrev’s limo to get her to sign a photo. Ah… Just a day in the life of Billy Beer.

For those of you, who think that Billy and I are being mean to each other, seriously, it’s our mission in life to give each other shit. And really, we’re just playing around… But he did chase Nina Dobrev’s limo. Oh wait, he talks about it below!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s bar stool. OK, time for another Paleyfest report that might be a little after the fact, as is much of the stuff Mike the Fanboy brings to get signed. Oh, I’m sorry, he calls it vintage.

(Editor’s Note: It’s interesting how as Billy has moved to San Diego his humor is becoming much like that of a catty drag queen. Just saying. M-)

Welcome back to Billy Beer’s vintage bar stool! The other day we were off to see the cast of Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I know what you’re thinking. Billy Beer! First Pretty Little Liars and now this!!! Well let me tell you something!! These shows are well written, Emmy caliber, amazing shows that keep you on the edge of your feet with their plot twist and ……….Who am I kidding, the girls on both show are HOT.

Plus, it’s another chance for me not to get Nina Dobrev. A girl who is nice, but for some reason I either always get skipped when she’s signing, or I didn’t know she was going to be somewhere and I have nothing for her. The WORST luck. Now that’s just for Vampire Diaries. The Originals also has a few hotties like Claire Holt and Danielle Campbell. So I bring a few things to get signed and I’m on my way.

The Originals is first. They show a 10 min clip of the season’s highlights. Every 2 seconds there’s the high pitched screams of girls. OMG! Seriously EVERY 2 SECONDS!!!!! They haven’t even brought out the cast! Now it’s time for introductions. I think I just found out how Ed Sullivan felt when he introduced The Beatles.


the originals paleyfest 2014 panel rare vampire diaries

There’s your recap of everything I heard during the Q & A. Pretty Little Liars wasn’t even half this bad, and I figured them to have a bigger set of fans. The only thing I remember them talking about was Claire Holt said she’s only taking a break and hasn’t left the show for good. When they are finished, they announce not to rush the stage cause they will come back and sign after the Vampire Diaries Q & A.

Now it’s time to watch clips from that show. Well, the screams are now happening EVERY second. I’m already dreading the rush to the stage. They bring out the cast, and it’s now stop screaming and yelling I love yous. The cast is eating it up. Nina is looking amazing. I might have taken as many pictures of her as Mike takes of people at every event.

the originals paleyfest 2014 panel rare vampire diaries

Time for the crowd’s questions. WOW… Three times they asked if they could take a selfie after the first person was told they couldn’t do it, and maybe after. THREE TIMES!!!

vampire diaries paleyfest 2014 the originals signing autographs 2

Well it was finally time for the mad dash. I run straight to the middle for Nina. I’m second row, and she’s right in front of me, but all she seems to be signing are those stupid programs and scraps of paper that people found on the flour probably left over from the Oscars. SERIOUSLY! Anything with a board was skipped.

The cast of the Originals was now starting to come out but there was no Claire Holt, boo. There was no moving. Seriously, it was 10 people deep, and these people were crazy. People that won’t accept the fact they got there late, and they want to push their way to the front.

the originals signed photo

Let’s not forget the people that don’t have anything to get signed, but they just want to stand there and yell to them. This seriously, and I mean this, was the worst push I have ever encountered at an event. I basically tried to stay where I was and let the talent come to me. I got both the main guys from Vampires and a few people from The Originals. Danielle was sitting on the floor signing for everyone. It was super cute. I got her finally, but still no Nina. UGH! Not Again! She is my new Elizabeth Banks. I should just retire her and put her in the Hall of Fame of disappointments!

the originals signed photo

I run outside for exits, but chances are slim to none. Nobody has really been doing it there all week. We wait for a bit and it’s hard to see who’s in the limos. The first one drives by and rolls down the window. IT’S NINA! Could this be happening! “Bye guys” and then she drives away. AGHH! F@#$ IT! I run, and surprisingly I’m the only one. Then for some reason the luck of the stop light gods was on my side. She gets stopped and when I get to the car her window is still down. “Nina, you’re the last one I need on my cast piece, would you please sign?” She pokes her head out to see if there was anyone else. “Sure” FINALLY!! She signs it really nice. I thank her and she says “no problem” (well it has been for me!) I ask if it would be asking too much to sign another. But then she saw paps closing in and she said sorry. But she was so nice about it I couldn’t be mad. AGAIN….FINALLY!

vampire diaries signed autograph cast photo rare

A few of the cast members from The Originals also stopped, but I was happy with what I got. I never want to go through that again. Forget Happy Hour, someone hook me up with an IV of Jack. Till next time!

vampire diaries paleyfest 2014 the originals signing autographs 3

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