Wait… No Marvel At San Diego Comic Con This Year! Sha Wha?

Holy crap, it’s the quote shouted around the world!

When James Gunn was asked during a Facebook q and a if he was going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year, he replied, “I’m not sure. Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.”

Marvel's "Ant-Man" Booth Signing During Comic-Con International 2014

Insert the sound of a record player scratching.

Say wha?

Marvel one of the biggest SDCC booths and comic book publisher extraordinaire sitting out the annual pop culture convention?

Marvel universe

I’m sure that Marvel will still have a presence this year, but the movie division may be hitting the pause button.

Plus, D23 is going to be in August this year and even though Marvel has barely had a presence in years past, Disney and Marvel are a little more integrated at this point.

Still, it is worth noting that SDCC may be a little less super-heroic this year.

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