Super Short Sundays! Scotty Heads To The North Shore After Meeting The Cast of the Cult Classic! Matt Adler! Gregory Harrison! Nia Peeples! Laird Hamilton! And More!

Super Short Sunday – North Shore Cast Poster Continues Edition

July 15, 2018

By: Scott


I had begun a project back in September that I thought would take me forever, or would never finish.  I love the film North Shore.  When I was twelve years old, my friend and I went to see it five times in the theater.  It was such a cool movie to us.  It definitely holds a special spot in nostalgic mind.  This past weekend I was able to add Matt Adler and John Philbin to my poster.  They were at a special Q &A for the film.  Meeting them was AWESOME!  I also had Matt sign my new project…a cast piece for Flight of the Navigator.  It was also a special treat to see the movie again on the big screen.  It was a 35mml copy, so it had that warm feel that you experienced before digital projectors.  Thank you, Matt and John for signing, taking a photo, and being so kind!  You made my weekend!!!


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