Nurse Jackie Season 4 Promo Poster! Showtime Rocks It Again! Plus, The Borgias Season 2 Promo Poster! Edie Falco! Jeremy Irons!

I don’t know what is in the water over there at Showtime, but pour me a glass! Every year they release the BEST promo posters for Nurse Jackie. I mean, they are always so interesting.

I know the series is very polarizing to a lot of people, but I love it. I love the strong damaged heroines of Showtime like Edie Falco, Mary Louise Parker, Laura Linney, and the dearly missed Toni Collette of The United States of Tara. I’m really excited to check out the new season of Nurse Jackie, and this new artwork is totally wetting my appetite!


Check out the new promo poster below, along with the new poster for the Jeremy Irons series The Borgias!
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