[UPDATE] NYCC 2018 Exclusives: Final Funko! Cryptozoic! DC exclusive comics!

Looking for a special something at New York Comic Con? Here’s my list of show exclusives!

The news about NYCC exclusives is a bit thin this year. Lego is sitting this one out, but there hasn’t been word from Dark Horse or a few of the other big ones. Reliably, Funko and Marvel have cornucopias of fun. Still, there’s plenty here to blow your hard-earned moolah.

Check back on this post for more updates and check out more news on how to NYCC, panels, autographs and booth/offsite activities!


  • 9/25 – Added: Marvel, Game of Thrones Funkos
  • 9/27 – Added: Final Funko, Cryptozoic, DC


Alex Ross Art #2036

  • ”Heroes and Foes” signed lithograph featuring Captain America, Red Skull, Green Goblin and Spidey $225
  • “Larger than Life” Captain America giclée print on Elegant Velvet Canvas $1595
  • A set of four giclée prints on Elegant Velvet Canvas for Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spidey and Captain America for $2475 or $825 separately

[UPDATE] Cryptozoic #244

  • They’ll be bringing series 3 DC Bombshell figures as well as their Outlander Jamie Fraser figure

[UPDATE] DC – south concourse

  • Silver-foil variants for Aquaman #40, Catwoman #3, The Flash #55, Batman #56, Justice League Odyssey #1, Justice League #9 and Heroes in Crisis #1
  • Red-foil variants of Pearl #1, Cover #1, Scarlet #1, United States vs Murder Inc #1
  • All variants will be bagged and boarded for $15. They will also be available for purchase at booth #1744

Funko #722

  • The theme this year is chrome! Silver chrome! Blue chrome! Green Chrome! Red Chrome! Orange Chrome!
  • The majority of these exclusives will also be available elsewhere so Funko also notes what other retail outlet will have them available. They will go fast from these other places as well!
    • So far, there is just one NYCC ONLY exclusive: Hanna-Barbera Funky Phantom,
  • [UPDATE] The pre-show lottery for access to these exclusives is over. Access to the booth is through the pre-show lottery so make sure you enter for a chance to purchase. Winners will be assigned a specific day and time. The earlier you go through the line, the better your odds of purchasing the Funko you want since some items will sell out quickly during each time slot. There’s a limit of 1 of each.
    • This year there is a separate lottery to purchase the Over9000.com – Majin Vegeta Pop so may the odds be ever in your favor on that one!
  • Here are the exclusives with my favorites called out! Click on the links with full lists and pictures for each category:

Hallmark #1920

  • Hallmark will have assorted ornaments and pins that have been making the rounds this year. If you missed them at Emerald City Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con, then here’s your chance!

Invicta Watches #444

  • They are bringing officially licensed DC and Marvel themed watches and debuting a new Harley Quinn watch.

Marvel #1354

  • Head to the booth first thing in the morning to get a timed ticket for when you can return and make your purchase.
  • Once again Marvel has a huge assortment of Skottie Young pins which includes several chase pins. These usually sell out by Saturday so make sure you head over early if you want to catch them all!



  • Voltron Legendary Defender vinyl soundtrack, co-produced with MONDO will have original cover artwork by the show’s creative team.
  • More details to come


So save your pennies!

Ready to NYCC yet? Bookmark this post for more updates and check out more news on how to NYCC, panels, autographs and booth/offsite activities!

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