[UPDATE] NYCC 2018: How to NYCC! Pre-show lotteries are live with better odds on the autographs this year!

It’s that time again! It’s time to prep for the last major con of the year! New York Comic Con begins October 4th so here’s all you need to know to get ready!

I’ll be also regularly posting news on NYCC panel highlights, autographs, booth and off-site activities and exclusives so follow along for all the news gathered in one place!


By now, you should have purchased your badges since every day but Thursday is sold out.

NYCC is so big, they are constantly looking for new ways to expand the show outside of Javits Center. Anime fans may want to check out Anime Fest @ NYCC which is a spinoff that takes place the same weekend at Pier 94. Basically most of the anime-related panels, exhibitors and guests will be located there. A NYCC badge will not get you into Pier 94. An Anime Fest @ NYCC badge will not get you into NYCC except for 3 panels (Voltron Legendary Defender, Dragon Ball Super: Broly and one more panel).

If NYCC badges are being mailed to you, make sure you follow the instructions to activate them online. An activated badge not only gets you through the door, but it also allows you to enter the pre-show lotteries (for access to certain panels, exclusives and autographs), purchase certain autographs and photo ops and also join virtual lines for certain booths which will text you when it’s your turn in line.



[UPDATE] Pre-show lotteries

In an effort to manage lines and avoid camping out overnight (it can get chilly in NYC in October!), NYCC uses the lottery for certain panels (Main Stage), autographs and exclusives.

From now until Monday, September 24th at 5:00 PM Eastern, you can go online and select which lotteries you want to enter. You don’t need an activated badge to enter, but you DO need one to claim your prize. Your winning ticket(s) are uploaded to your activated badge so make sure you activate it before you go to NYCC.

This year, the odds are slightly better for winning autographs

  • Autograph and exclusive winners won’t be able to take a friend so more winners than last year.
  • Panel winners can still take 3 friends with them so make sure you have their details so their badges can be uploaded with the panel ticket.

Autograph winners will get the secret location when they get their confirmation email. Last year most of them where on the fourth floor of Javits.

Funko ticket winners will get a specific time slot for their purchase. If you can, get in a line a bit early since they only have so much stock for each session and its possible that the Funko you want may be sold out. There’s a limit of one of any item. This year, they are holding a specific lottery just for the Dragon Ball Majin Vegeta Funk Pop! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Remember, if you don’t win a ticket to a panel on the Main Stage, you can still get in! First thing in the morning, head to the queue hall and line up for your panel. They will let people tap their badges to reserve a place at the panel. Only half the panel tickets will be given out via the lottery.

Still have questions? Here’s the official FAQ with more information. Remember there is no advantage in entering first so take your time with your selections — you only get to submit once. (But don’t wait until the last moment in case there’s a technical glitch.)


NYCC is slowly taking over more and more of the city. In addition to Javits Center, the show uses several other locations for some of the biggest panels. You’ll need a badge and to pass a security check before you enter each building. Make sure you consider the commute time in your schedule! Follow @NYCCLines on Twitter for updates so you don’t head out for a panel that’s capped.

Javits Center is home base for NYCC with the exhibit hall and most of the panels. This is where to go if you need to pick up badges or if you need help with your badge. After you enter Javits, the exhibit hall is upstairs and the panels, autograph hall and artist alley are downstairs.

The largest panel room, the Main Stage, will be ticketed through the pre-show lottery and through morning reservations (head to room 1C first thing in the morning to tap your badge). They clear the room between panels so the only way to attend is to win the lottery or tap your badge in the morning.

Artist Alley and the Autograph Hall are moving locations this year. The Autograph Hall is now in 1E (basement level, south end of the building). I think Artist Alley swapped locations with the Autograph Hall which is great news since AA will use the space better and it won’t be so meltingly hot.(More on this when the maps are posted.)

The biggest panels will be held at The Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. It’s first come, first served and they don’t clear the room between panels. MSG will open around 45 minutes before the first panel and no food or drink is allowed so don’t think you can snack while you watch the panels.

The Hammerstein Ballroom hosts major panels. It’s first come, first served and they don’t clear the room between panels. They will open around 45 minutes before the first panel and no food or drink is allowed so don’t think you can snack while you watch the panels.

The Studio @ NYCC is a series of panels that require a separate ticket for each event. These panels will be held at the Hudson Mercantile.

NYCC is also holding some professional library panels at the New York Public Library so if you’re a librarian, check out their programming.


Ready to NYCC now? Bookmark this post since I’ll update it with new information and don’t forget to check out the links to my other posts with news on panel highlights, autographing, activities and exclusives!

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