The Expanse Heads To NYCC! The Cast Of The Amazon Series Blasts Off With Fans!

The Expanse started off on SYFY and the ambitious, sprawling story about the tensions between Earth and Mars after humans have colonized the planet. It’s a big story, based on popular books by James S.A. Corey so after 3 seasons, a Hugo Award for Best Drama and Saturn Awards for Best Science Fiction Television, fans were upset when SYFY cancelled the show. Luckily, Amazon Prime Video swooped in and grateful fans are looking forward to the fourth season which begins December 13th!

And even more good news — Amazon Prime loves to engage with fans so, at New York Comic Con, fans got to visit the world of The Expanse!

They had costumes from the previous seasons…

And NYCC attendees could board the Rocinante which included props from the upcoming season!

Fans could actually sit in the chair from the show!

The photo op was so fun, the cast dropped by for a visit!

the expanse nYCC 20190002e

Check out the first three seasons of The Expanse on Amazon Prime before the big premiere in December!

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