NYCC Recap: All the booth action! More cosplay!

As you can tell by the slew of posts about New York Comic Con, I had a blast this year! Really there was so much to see and do that! Here’s a look at the con….ah good times!

10 years? Has it really been 10 years of NYCC? I remember going the first year when it was a single exhibit hall in the basement of Javits. I went on preview night and the place was packed to the gills. About an hour into the con, I remember Joe Quesada predicting that the fire marshalls would be coming soon to shut down the con. He was right. Now look at NYCC!

NYCC 2015 (12)

Every nook and cranny of Javits was maximized to hold the record-setting crowd for this sold out event. And there was so much content this year that NYCC set up camp at the Hammerstein Ballroom to expand capacity.

NYCC 2015 (16)

There were more TV shows representing more networks than ever before. Warner Bros. and Fox brought a ton of shows (including the first fan screening of the new The X-Files episode). Netflix brought back Daredevil and also debut the first episode of the latest Marvel Netflix show, Jessica Jones.

JJ signing NYCC 2015 (3)

Let’s not forget The Walking Dead held the first ever TV premiere at a packed Madison Square Garden.

TWD fan premiere (15)

And MTV brought Teen Wolf and a first look at their new show, The Shannara Chronicles.

Shannara screening NYCC 2015 (7)

But we also had a lot of first time networks like ABC Family with Shadowhunters, Pretty Little Liars and Stitchers. They came out with a full program including panels, signings, prop displays and swag giveaways.

NYCC 2015 (25)

NYCC 2015 (19)

Starz had the ever-popular Ash vs Evil Dead trailer (which the show’s designers made a replica of the set) and they had a Black Sails charging station. There were no issues in finding this place since you could follow the sound of Bear McCreary’s distinct theme song. Ray Stevenson is joining the cast next season as Blackbeard. He had a quick appearance at the booth and they handed out pre-signed posters.

NYCC 2015 (24)

NYCC 2015 (33)

Random fact: I got to meet Jon Bernthal (at the Daredevil signing) and interview Thomas Jane (for The Expanse) so that’s three of the four men who have played The Punisher.  Too bad Dolph Lundgren wasn’t around so I could have a complete set in one con…

USA also came with panels for Mr. Robot and Colony while newbie Esquire network came with a crime scene to promote Spotless which is about to debut.

NYCC 2015 (8)

As always, Marvel booth was the uncontested center of action in the exhibit halls with signings and the hugely popular giveaway hour.

NYCC 2015 (32)

There was an epic dance off on Sunday where both guys were so amazing they had a tie and gave both of them huge Kotobukiya statues (the guy dressed as Spidey really should be Mr. Fantastic since he’s super bendy).

NYCC 2015 (29)

NYCC 2015 (30)

Marvel also had a kid’s dance off where the lady from Kotobukiya happily awarded the super adorable mini-Michael Jackson a statue nearly as big as he is.

NYCC 2015 (31)

Also, you never know when Michael Rooker will randomly drop by the booth. (He wasn’t even scheduled to be at NYCC!)

NYCC 2015 (5)

M&M also had a booth with mosaics made out of M&M’s. Also Star Wars M&Ms walked around for photo ops. I can only assume he’s dark chocolate.

NYCC 2015 (4)

NYCC 2015 (9)

NYCC 2015 (15)

Funko had its first official booth with the second most-coveted exclusives (after Pepsi Perfect). People had to line up at the crack of dawn and hope to get one of the morning tickets. If not, they waited all day for the afternoon wave of tickets which basically took up the full day. That’s dedication.

NYCC 2015 (23)

NYCC 2015 (27)

DC also continues to take out space in artist alley and in the south end of Javits for its movie costume display.

NYCC 2015 (2)

This year, Lex Corp also sponsored free Wi-Fi for the convention (a nice idea, but only usable in the hallways) and they also gave away free battery chargers at the booth. Yep, Lex is really trying to turn around his reputation, but we’ll see what happens in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

NYCC 2015 (14)

Jurassic World also took over the giant exhibit hall doors. Nick Robinson came out to NYCC to play with the much friendlier raptors.

NYCC 2015 (7)

Jurassic World NYCC

And of course, there was tons of cosplay. Since the weather was so nice this year, the driveway was actually a great place for people watching. Thanks to Tanya and Johnny for sharing some more terrific cosplay!

NYCC cosplay 2 (10)

NYCC cosplay 2 (11)

NYCC cosplay 2 (9)

NYCC cosplay 2 (7)

NYCC cosplay 2 (6)

NYCC cosplay 2 (1)

NYCC cosplay 2 (4)

NYCC cosplay 2 (5)

NYCC cosplay 2 (2)

NYCC cosplay 2 (3)

Aside from the Warner Bros. signing wristband fiasco and the awful, awful online schedule (which every single attendee hates since it’s so slow, constantly snaps back to the front page, difficult to navigate and is just plain not user-friendly), it was a fantastic con. Now I just need a full year to recover!

NYCC 2015 (17)

Stay tuned!

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