Oh Lord! Super Kylie Minogue Hot and Sexy Vs. Magazine Cover and Photo Shoot!

Kylie Minogue Vs. Magazine rare hot sexy cover hollywood bowl rare V Magazine

Get thee to a magazine stand pronto! Okay, I was half quoting Shakespeare, and then stopped. That was random. Anyway, OH MY GOD! How hot is this Vs. cover with the stunning Kylie Minogue? I ask you… How hot is this? I love LOVE it! Kylie usually has amazing magazine covers but I love this one. It’s not as good as the V Magazine cover from a few years back but it’s pretty close. Sigh.. Stunning! And how excited am I for Kylie’s world tour! Oh my God! So excited. Plus I get to see her on my grandmother’s birthday May 20th which coincidentally is the day before the world ends. At least according to the crazy guy standing on Hollywood Blvd with a cardboard sign. It’s all true, you can’t make that shit up I tell ya!

Take a look at a couple pics of Kylie Minogue’s shoot from the inside of Vs. Magazine after the jump!

kylie minogue Vs. Magazine photo shoot magazine cover V magazine rare hot sexy all I wanted
kylie minogue V magazine Vs. photo shoot magazine cover rare sexy bazaar world tour aphrodite

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