OH MY GOD! Roxette are back with a new album! Charm School! The 1990’s are back baby!

Roxette new 2011 album Charm School Per Gessle Marie Fredriksson The Look Joyride look sharp it must have been love listen to your heart

Color me excited… I mean really excited… Here I am just chilling on holiday. Went to the airport, picked up grandma, watched a couple episodes of Alias season 1, helped my sister with her resume, wrapped some presents… and little did I know I would be getting my own present… was it Facts of Life season 4 on DVD? Nope… (at least not yet, it has disappeared from my amazon wish list so hopefully I’ll be getting that tomorrow), no.. it was a NEW ROXETTE ALBUM! I love Roxette… Just ask my friend’s Liz and Jessica who had to listen to them for hours and hours on end in Jr. High School. A new album! It’s like a Christmas present just for me! The new Roxette album will be called Charm School and the first single will be release in early January for those of you who care. I know you’re out there… lol… I doubt it will be released in the United States at this time, so it looks like I will be importing this one. Wait… I just thought of it… Maybe a tour of the United States… Roxette has not toured the U.S. since the Join the Joyride tour… Merry Christmas to me!
Checkout the new tracklisting after the jump!

01. Way Out
02. No One Makes It On Her Own
03. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) (first single)
04. Speak To Me
05. I’m Glad You Called
06. Only When I Dream
07. Dream On
08. Big Black Cadillac
09. In My Own Way
10. After All
11. Happy On the Outside
12. Sitting On the Top Of the World
13. (iTunes special) It Must Have Been Love (live)

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