The Best Online Games Based on Movies! Star Wars! Alien! 007 Is Shaken Not Stirred! And More!


There is a rampant trend at the moment for production companies to give the go-ahead to projects that take popular online games and bring them to the big screen.

This used to work the other way around, as major Hollywood blockbusters would be apportioned their very own accompanying video game, but now that online games are more popular than most movies the whole concept has been flipped on its head.

In this article we take a look back at the best online games that were based on movies, rather than the other way around.

Movies used to hold an allure that video game developers wanted a slice of, but now things often work the other way around

One Genre of Online Game Bucks the Trend

While most games developers are abandoning the idea of apeing movies, there are some online games that continue to do it.

One particular genre of game that just loves paying homage to Hollywood movies of past and present are online casino games.

Some of the movies that continue to have slots released in their honour are Planet of the Apes, The Dark Knight, and Justice League, most of which can be played via the online gaming providers showcased at oddschecker. And it’s not just contemporary movies that are given their very own gaming titles, with the Pink Panther and Highlander some of the golden oldies whose slots still get played on a regular basis.

007 Games Always Leave Players Shaken and Stirred

Whereas many movie-to-game crossovers fell flat, there was one that came out head and shoulders above the rest, and that was Goldeneye for the N64.

The game has even made a relatively recent comeback in form of 007 Legends, whose single player version was generally disliked, but whose multiplayer version was much loved by Bond-obsessed gamers.

Alien and Predator Teamed Up and Kicked Ass

The Alien and Predator movies had sci-fi and horror fans alike jumping for joy at cinemas and so it made sense that a slew of games followed soon thereafter.

There is now reported to be a new Alien vs. Predator online game under development. Hopefully, it can live up to Alien Infestation for the Nintendo DS and the excellent Alien: Isolation that came out in 2014.

Star Wars Games Regularly Live Up to the Hype

Another film franchise that spawns surprisingly playable online games is Star Wars.

The likes of Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Star Wars Battlefront are all games that players still revisit to this day, whether they are big fans of the movies or not.


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