Meeting Orlando Bloom! David Meets The Pirates Star At Braun Buffel’s Anniversary party! Autographs! And More!

As I’ve said about 1,000 times I love hearing about the awesome encounters everyone has and I love the reader submissions!

David just sent this awesome encounter with Orlando Bloom over all the way from Singapore! He was lucky enough to meet the Pirates star with his friend at a surprise appearance!

Thanks a fun moment!

Check out his recap below!

Just this week another celebrity breezed into Singapore almost under the radar. ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean ‘star Orlando Bloom made a stealthy trip to Singapore a surprise appearance at Braun Buffel’s 130 anniversary at an art  gallery  Some friends who were invited to the event had no clue that he was due to attend and that goes to show that’s just how hush-hush his  appearance was meant to be.

Having just completed a trip to Bangladesh for UNICEF, I suppose he wanted to have some down time before he embarked on a round of press interviews. He did, however, let the cat out of the bag when he posted photos from his trip to the museum the night before.

The next day, his attendance at the anniversary parry was publicly confirmed when the event planner posted photos on integral saying Orlando would be attending the event that night.

Manfred and I found ourselves back at the gallery with not much time to spare. Though there are several entrances to the venue, Manfred and I deduced which one Orlando would use and we waited. The event was slated to start at 7:30 pm and a few more fans showed up and milled about as guests arrived and organizers checked their schedules. At around 8:20 pm, I over heard an organizer telling the staff to stand by and two SUVs pulled up. 

Security stepped out and said they were instructed that no one would get a selfie or an autograph. Now, I had brought a gift along for Mr. Bloom and I had every intention of giving it to him. So when I saw a very nice lady from his management team, I asked her if it would be all right if I gave him some gifts. She beamed of course! So I handed her a tote bag with some of my books for his son Flynn as well as a framed photo of my grandmother with Marlon Brando that was taken when the later visited Singapore in the 1950s. My Granny organized the event back then.  

As she took the gifts, I said. “If he doesn’t like them he can always use them as door-stoppers. She took the bag to the car, where Orlando was still waiting.  The car’s light came on and I could see Orlando taking the photo and the books out of the bag. Orlando was looking at the gifts.

A minute later, Orlando stepped out of the car and looked in our direction.

Orlando Bloom meeting fans Braun Büffel celebrates it's 130th Anniversary4

Not missing a beat, I yelled out.  “I  hope you like the books,” I said. “And the photo of my Grandmother with Brando.” Thank you that’s so cool he said. Then he signed an index card for me and an Elizabethtown DVD for Manfred.

Orlando Bloom meeting fans Braun Büffel celebrates it's 130th Anniversary4

When it was my turn for a selfie, Orlando had to wait for me to switch my iPhone camera to selfie mode and then switch it from video to camera mode. I think he was slightly amused that I was so flustered. When the task was completed, we thanked him and he was quickly whisked into the event.

Orlando Bloom meeting fans Braun Büffel celebrates it's 130th Anniversary3Orlando Bloom meeting fans Braun Büffel celebrates it's 130th Anniversary6

Chuffed from our encounter, we headed out for a celebratory drink before calling it a night and what a great night it was!

Orlando Bloom signed autograph elizabethtown dvd cover Orlando Bloom signed autograph index card

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