Oscar Odds! Who Will Be Taking Home The Gold This Season? Our Predictions! Roma! Christian Bale! And More!

This is one of the craziest Awards seasons in years. With no clear frontrunner leading up to today’s Oscar nominations, it was anyone’s guess what would happen.

Green Book grabbed the PGA award which thrust it into the semi-front runner status and then…

The nominations are out and we need to figure out who has the best shot at taking home some gold! Experts have already put together the odds for each of the big categories and to no one’s surprise “Roma” is still leading the charge for Best Picture.

Alfonso Cuarón signed autograph Roma posterAlfonso Cuarón signed autograph Roma poster

While it didn’t get any love in the acting races from SAG, it’s still considered the best shot for best picture right now. It still holds a slight edge above A Star Is Born and Green Book, but in a race like this, it’s anyone’s guess what can happen.

Best actor race looks like Christian Bale holds a significant lead for his turn in Vice. Rami Malek is close behind though and it’ll be interesting to see what the SAG Awards predict next week.

Generally the PGA is a good indication of Best Picture and SAG is a good indication of the acting races, but this year… Who knows.

Best actress looks like Glenn Close has a good shot of getting her first trophy, Olivia Coleman could pull off an upset here but it’s probably not likely. With a career like Close has had, it deserves to be rewarded.

olivia coleman signed autograph the favourite poster psa

On the supporting actor side, everything keeps pointing to Mahershala Ali, but don’t count Sam Elliott out. He has had an amazing career and he’s another veteran who could pull off a win here.

Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali signed autograph green book poster psa

Supporting actress could be a wild card as well. Amy Adams nominated multiple times might get her win for Vice. Rachel Weisz is incredible in The Favourite though, so depending on what happens with SAG, this race is far from over. Regina King, not nominated for a SAG Award could also be a sleep in this category.

It’ll be an interesting awards show though regardless of the outcomes.

Who are you looking forward to taking home the gold?

Let me know in the comments!

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