Our Resident Music Man Scotty Presents His Top 30 Singles of 2011! Adele! Lady Gaga! Kylie Minogue! Natalia Kills!

Scotty is our resident music man and so as we close out 2011 he did a great recap of his favorite singles of 2011. While I admit I wasn’t familiar with all the artists, there are like 15 people I now need to my iTunes library! LOL…. There are some I totally agree with, hello Kylie Minogue! Lykke Li! Adele! Lady Gaga!

And a lot of people I want to look up! Scotty has great taste in music that (and he will probably tell me I’m a tad incorrect) leans towards Dance/Electronica/Pop. But I guarantee that you will find a new artist to look up!

So check out Scotty’s best singles of 2011 after the jump!


My Top 30 2011 / Top 6 Most Anticipated for 2012

I know you have all been waiting for my list of the top 30 songs of 2011. Yeah, right! Ha ha! These were songs that won me over this year. Not all of them were necessarily singles, but they were released this year on an LP, EP, etc. If they were not released as singles, they should have been. Unfortunately, many artists aren’t releasing physical singles anymore. I am so bummed by this change in the industry as I always looked forward to the single artwork. Who doesn’t love the new cover with new photographs of the artist? It is a shame that this has changed. Oh well, on to the list.

30. Claire Maguire – The Last Dance

clare-maguire-the-last-dance-artwork rare promo single Claire Maguire - The Last Dance  cb single artwork single cover

Claire was on everyone’s radar at the beginning of the year. This song was not a hit with me at first, but as I listened to it more, it really grew on me. She has haunting vocals that stand out as one of my top tracks of the year.

29. Stevie Nicks – Secret Love

stevie-nicks-secret-love Stevie Nicks – Secret Love rare cd single cover artwork rare promo hot fleetwood mac

Stevie Nicks released her new studio album ten years after her last release. It was well worth the wait. She teamed up with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and gave us some amazing material. The first single took me back to the Stevie tracks that I know and love so much. That velvety voice and beautiful lyrics were back in force. Check out the video on Youtube.

28. Foo Fighters – Walk

Foofighterswalk foo fighters walk rare promo cd single cover artwork cd artwork promo rare

The Foo Fighters are one of my favorites. They went and recorded an album in Dave Grohl’s garage. With the help of producer Butch Vig, the band recorded the album on analogue equipment. The songs have that awesome HiFi sound. The second single “Walk” had me going from first listen. The album, as a whole, is amazing from start to finish.

27. J Lo – On The Floor

Jennifer-Lopez-On-The-Floor rare jlo promo cd single artwork rare hot and sexy promo cd single cover artwork cd cover

The first single from her album “Love?” was an infectious dance hit. It has a hot club beat and can’t help make you want to move when you hear it. The track has the electropop sound that I love to hear. The video also gained more views than Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video and became the second most viewed video on Youtube ever.

26. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers Lykke-Li-I-Follow-Rivers rare cd single promo cover artwork Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers cd cover promo rare

When I first heard this track, I was hooked on the sound. Lykke’s sound was reminiscent of The Mama’s and the Papa’s with her own twist of electronic indie-rock. I loved how her voice meshed with the music. I had the opportunity to see Lykke at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. As much as I liked her album, I could not say the same for her live performance. Her performance did not blow me out of the water. Still this track was a highlight for 2011.

25. Rhianna – S & M (Dave Aude Club Mix)

Rhianna – S & M (Dave Aude Club Mix) rare promo cd single cover artwork promo hot sexy s and m cd single cover artwork

S…S….S…and…and…M….M Such a hot club track. I did not get out to the clubs as much as I wanted, but the few times I did make it, this track was “IT.” Not long after the song would start the crowd responded. Seems like Rhianna and remixes gel really nicely. Dave Aude had the golden touch when remixing tracks this year! He served up infectious hard beats.

24. Kazaky – Love (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

Kazaky – Love (Peter Rauhofer Remix) rare cd single promo cover artwork rare promo

Oh, more please! This is a dark, hard hitting, tribal track with my favorite Producer/Remixer/DJ to boot. Peter Rauhofer put his special touch to this amazing track. The two together fused nicely for one of my favorite tracks of the year!

23. Natalia Kills – Wonderland

Wonderland - Natalia Kills Natalia Kills – Wonderland rare cd single promo cover artwork hot sexy rare promo

One of my new FAVORITES! I loved Natalia Kills debut album! From start to finish, the album “Perfectionist” is off the charts. Although I am not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, Will i am, along with Martin Kierszenbaum, produced the album and truly brought out Natalia’s hot sound. The first track “Wonderland” is one of those tracks I had in my car on repeat. Her voice is reminiscent of the Latin freestyle ladies of the 80’s (Sa-fire, Nocera), but with her own intense quality and sound. Cool electropop sound. Take me to…Take me to….Take me to Wonderland.

22. Erasure – Be With You (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

Erasure – Be With You (Moto Blanco Club Mix) rare cd single promo cover artwork hot rare tomorrow's world cd cover artwork

I have been a fan of Erasure for years. Although this track and remix are nothing groundbreaking from the group or remixers, it is a fun and catchy dance track in the usual Erasure fashion. Andy Bell’s vocals are as strong and full as ever.

21. Jacques Lu Cont – Reload

Jacques Lu Cont – Reload rare promo cd single cover artwork promo reload cd promo artwork

I was excited to turn on my computer one morning to find that Stuart Price (a.k.a Jacques Lu Cont) had a new track out. I am a big fan of Stuart Price’s tracks and remixes. He gave the track away for free as a download. I am looking forward to what he has coming out in the coming year. The track is hot and I would love to hear it on the dance floor soon. It does remind many listeners of his other work as Les Rythmes Digitales.

20. Santigold feat. Karen O – Go

Santigold feat. Karen O – Go rare cd single promo artwork cd cover promo rare yeah yeah yeahs

I have to admit, I gave the song a spin only because I saw Karen O was a featured artist on the track. Shame on me for not being more open minded. The track is awesome. Karen is featured very little. The synth, drum-driving song had me bouncing in my driver’s seat. After this track, I made myself become more familiar with Santigold.

19. Adele – Rumor Has It

Adele-Rumour-Has-It-FanMade-Austin-Heartland adele rumour has it rare promo cd single artwork Hot sexy rolling in the deep rare promo poster

I could not get the hook out of my head when I first heard this track. I was a fan of Adele when I first heard “Chasing Pavements.” I felt this song was superior to “Rolling In the Deep.” I just want to move every time I hear it. Reminds of old Motown with a modern twist.

18. Tiesto feat. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard

tiesto_ft._kay-work_hard_play_hard. Tiesto feat. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard rare cd single artwork rare promo cd artwork cover

This was one of the few trance songs I fell in love with this year. Leave it to Tiesto to provide those sounds I love with trance music. This was the song I love to hear on Fridays after work.

17. Dev – In the Dark

dev Dev – In the Dark rare cd single artwork cover rare promo poster cd single cover album cover

I first heard about Dev on one of the many music blogs I read each day. She was on everyone’s blog as a suggestion to check out. Boy, were they right. The saxophone line is totally catchy and dancey. It reminds me of early 90’s house hooks. The song is not bright like those 90’s tracks. It has a dark, sexy sound for the clubs.

16. Stevie Nicks – For What It’s Worth

stevie-nicks Stevie Nicks – For What It’s Worth rare cd single cover artwork promo cd cover rare promo artwork

This is another beautiful track off Stevie’s new album. She, along with the help of Dave Stewart, really evoked that special sound that Stevie had in her early albums. I felt this sound was missing with her last release, “Trouble In Shangri-La.” I had the incredible pleasure of hearing Stevie sing this song live twice this year, and it gave me the chills. It is a very romantic track.

15. J Lo – Good Hit

J Lo – Good Hit jennifer lopez good hit rare cd single cover artwork rare promo cd cover love

After getting J Lo to sign my Love? album, I put it in my car and got to this track and kept repeating. It is one of those unapologetic dance tracks. It is so much fun, with a lot of attitude. J Lo’s best since “Play” in my opinion.

14. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

let_england_shake PJ Harvey – Let England Shake rare promo cd single artwork promo cd cover rare

I am always excited when PJ Harvey has a new release. This release did not disappoint. PJ focused her work in singing about her homeland of England. This work both vocally and visually was stunning. This track showcased PJ’s talents. Her vocals on this track are both haunting and memorable.

13. Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory

lady-gaga-edge-of-glory-cover Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory cd single rare promo cover hot artwork

This was such a hot track. It was incredibly reminiscent of the 80’s with a modern flair. The song not only rocked, it was inspiring. It made you feel close to those you love in your life. The only thing that disappointed about this track was the video. I know it was a homage to the female singers of the 80’s, but I had something more inspiring in mind. The track was so strong, I wanted just as strong a visual. Oh well, it is ultimately about the music!

12. Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)

Kylie-Put-Your-Hands-Up-FanMade Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) cd single promo artwork cd single cover rare promo

This was another HOT track from Kylie’s 2010 release, Aphrodite. This was a strong single, but not as strong as “Get Outta My Way” or “All the Lovers.” Kylie never disappoints. “Put Your Hands Up” always makes me want to move and puts a smile on my face. It was also a memorable moment during her “Aphrodite Live 2011 Tour.” SO GOOD!

11. Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Immigrant Song

Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Immigrant Song rare cd single promo artwork cover rare  yeah yeah yeahs

It is hard to cover songs in general, but when you take a Led Zepplin classic, it is really HARD. But, when it comes to Trent Reznor and Karen O, I was on the edge of my seat to hear the track. It is AWESOME. Only Trent and Karen could cover this song with the justice it deserves. It really needs to be heard. Go to iTunes immediately and purchase the song.

10. Beyonce – Run the World (Girls)
Original Version & Dave Aude Club Mix

beyonce-runtheworld-600-box-042111 Beyonce – Run the World (Girls)  Original Version & Dave Aude Club Mix rare cd single promo cover artwork rare promo girls run the world

I am not the biggest Beyonce fan. I always tell people I have a love /hate relationship with her. I either love her tracks or hate them. This is one of her tracks that I LOVE. This is a driving song with an intense sample that I knew would be remixed amazingly for the clubs. Boy, was it ever. I never got sick of this track. The live performance of this song from this year’s Billboard Music Awards is not to be missed. Check it out on Youtube!!!

9.Foo Fighters – These Days

Foo-Fighters-These-Daysradiopowerstrike Foo Fighters – These Days cd single cover artwork promo cover cd

This was my other favorite track from the Foo Fighters latest release. The song had a catchy medley and showcased Dave’s awesome rock vocals. The song also takes off and slows back down taking you on a mini emotional ride. Thank you for an awesome album Foo Fighters. The guys put on an AMAZING live show. They are not to be missed.

8. Natalia Kills – Mirrors

Natalia Kills – Mirrors rare cd single promo artwork promo cd cover rare hot sexy rare

This is the track that turned me onto this great new artist. I could not stop playing it. The electro sound, hot vocals, and provocative lyrics make the song a memorable one for 2011. It is a must listen. I am looking forward to Natalia’s new release in 2012.

7. Beth Ditto – I Wrote the Book

Beth-Ditto Beth Ditto – I Wrote the Book rare cd single promo cover artwork rare promo

The amazing front woman of the Gossip released this amazing dance track in 2011. This song has a hard driving dance beat with Beth’s killer vocals. This song always gets me pumped! The video is great as well….a homage to Madonna’s Justify My Love. Check it out!

6. 2NE1 – I Am the Best

2NE1 – I Am the Best rare cd single promo cover artwork dance rare pop electro

2011 was the year I was introduced to the K-pop sound. I heard this song from Korean pop group 2NE1 and could not believe my ears. This song’s driving beat and attitude had me moving. Although I do not understand the Korean lyrics, the way they sing the song accompanied by the HOT video transcend the feeling I think they are conveying in the lyrics. I normally do not like the word “fierce” to describe something, but these girls are exactly that – FIERCE.

5. Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)

Adele_-_Set_Fire_To_The_Rain_(Thomas_Gold_Remix) rare cd single promo cover artwork rare Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)

This was my favorite track from Adele’s album, but when I heard this remix, I was blown out of the water. WOW, WOW, WOW! Thomas Gold remixed the hell out of this song with his brand of Tech-House, and let me tell you that it is remixing at its finest. This remix makes you feel as if you are flying.

4. Marina and the Diamonds – Radioactive

Starsmith-x-Marina-and-the-Diamonds-Radioactive-Starsmith Marina and the Diamonds – Radioactive rare cd single promo cover cd cover promo artwork

Marina and the Diamonds, who dominated my list last year, released a track from her forthcoming sophomore album entitled “Radioactive.” This track is HOT like all of her previous work. Marina never disappoints me. This is a dance track which still showcases Marina’s amazing voice. Can’t wait for the new album.

3. Jessica 6 – Prisoner of Love

jessica6 Jessica 6 – Prisoner of Love rare promo poster cd single artwork noomi hot sexy pop single

I was so excited this year to have Jessica 6’s full album released. I have been enamored with this group since the first time I heard their single “Fun Girl.” This single is brilliant. This track whether heard on the CD or live is a great disco-house track. It builds and explodes and makes you beg for more. Nomi is the front woman of this group whom I think you will be hearing a lot about in the future.

2. Lady Gaga – Government Hooker

lady_gaga___government_hooker Lady Gaga – Government Hooker cd single artwork rare promo cd cover artwork lady gaga

After popping the “Born This Way” CD in my car, and getting to this track, I was in awe. Although this was not a single, this song is TOO GOOD for words. Its electro sound, intense beats, and Gaga’s powerful voice are a mixture for music genius. I am still not over how great this track is coming out of the speakers. I would LOVE a video for this song.

1. Rhianna – We Found Love

Rihanna-we-found-love Rhianna – We Found Love cd single rare promo single cover artwork cd cover promo artwork

When talk of Rhianna’s new album was rising, I really was not all that interested. She has some GREAT tracks, but I am not a die-hard fan. I heard this song and was AMAZED at what I heard. It is the perfect pairing of pop and electronica. The song is infectious and one I cannot stop playing in my car. I love hearing it every time it is played at a store, on the radio, or seeing the video. The video is incredible. All things mentioned are why I have placed this song at the top of my list for 2011.


1. Madonna – As one of the BIGGEST Madonna fans on the planet, I am EXCITED whenever Madonna has new material. UNFORTUNATELY, the first leak is not what I was hoping for with M’s new album. I am hoping I will be surprised when the entire album is released.

2. Garbage – One of my favorite bands of ALL TIME is releasing a new album. It is their first since “Bleed Like Me” in 2005. I have been hearing about the group working, but had not heard of a release date. Finally, a short time ago, the band confirmed that the album would be out next year and that they would be touring! I CAN’T WAIT!

3. Marina and the Diamonds – If the first few leaks are any hint of what is to come, I am going to be one happy music fan. The tracks I have heard so far are AMAZING!

4. No Doubt – Ever since the band said they were back in the studio, I have been waiting on pins and needles. I am hoping they will be finishing up soon and we will have some great new music from this awesome band. My fingers are crossed!

5. Dragonette – I just saw that Dragonette gave a tease of their new album online. I am so excited that they have new material coming out. I have been enthralled with this band since I first heard them back in late 2009. I was excited that the world had a chance to hear Martina’s vocals on Martin Solveig’s “Hello.” I am a huge fan of their work.

6. Sky Ferreira – I have been hearing some great tracks from this young artist for a while now. I am hoping we will get a full album release this year. When the release is decided upon, I know we will be hearing more about Sky.

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