[Update] Outlander Advent Calendar! Droutlander is OVER!!! Outlander Continues TONIGHT!!

Outlander fans, we made it!!! 6 long months of winter will finally thaw with tonight’s premiere of Outlander! Scroll down for today’s final prep for the the new episode on Stars!

March 19: Build your own Outlander Samhain ritual lantern
Taking a look at one of the prop lanterns from the gorgeous Samhain druid dance sequence (courtesy of the Show Case booth at Fan Expo Canada), you can make one of these lanterns quite easily at home. (We think!)

outlander props starz Fan Expo Toronto Canada 2014 cosplay 11


Grab an empty liter bottle of soda and cut off the bottom. Flip it upside down and that’s basically the lantern! Take some 10 inches of soft cardboard (similar to a cardboard toilet paper tube) and roll it up around the bottle spout to create a handle. Tape it down solid. Soak some cheesecloth in tea to give it a softer color. Then dip the dry cheesecloth in glue and then wrap it around the outside of the bottle. Voila! Now you just need a light source (a glow stick may be less flammable) and you’re ready to greet the dawn!

March 20: Celebrate Ostara (the spring equinox) with a dance at dawn
OK, it’s not Samhain, but today is Ostara (the spring equinox) when the standing stones are also awake. There’s also a solar eclipse to boot so that has to mean something, right? To celebrate, get up at the crack of dawn, take your lantern and dance around the biggest rock you can find. Don’t forget your Outlander soundtrack since Bear McCreary’s music beautiful sets up that ethereal mood! See if you can hear the rock humming afterwards… Please send pictures to share the moment!

March 21: Eat like a Scot
First, watch the Kyle MacLachlan SNL “All Things Scottish” skit for a hilarious comment about Scottish cuisine and then go eat some haggis. Yeah, we’re not entirely sure we’re up for that one either! So maybe eat some shortbread or Banoffee pie or cherry bounce if that’s more your style.

Walkers (who makes yummy shortbread) is giving away a trip to Scotland in honor of Outlander so enter here for your chance to go! Then check out the Outlander Kitchen website for some terrific food ideas and recipes! Starting planning your menu for a celebratory feast for April 4th!

Claire and MacKenzie bros

March 22: Study Scottish history with Frank
Take a page from Frank Randall and study your 18th century Scottish history! If you’re not familiar with the Jacobites, the Forty-Five or Bonnie Prince Charlie, then some of the conflicts in the story may be a bit mysterious. There’s a lot of rich history to explore about this turbulent time, so a little background on the crazy politics may help illustrate why Dougal is showing off Jamie’s scars or why Claire wants to warn them off. Here are a few quick reads for a small historical primer: read up on Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite uprising to learn more about Dougal MacKenzie’s covert political fund raising and the sad history of Culloden Battlefield (where Claire and Frank went sightseeing).

OUT-101 Frank and Wakefield

March 23: Outlander’s UK premiere
It’s happening!  Starting March 26th, the UK can experience Outlander like the rest of the world!  To mark the occasion, there’s a fancy premiere complete with standing stones. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are confirmed attendees and there will be a Q & A after the screening.  (Lucky ducks!)

While we can’t all be in London for this, there should be plenty of news and photos! We can’t wait to read all the pictures and reactions on Facebook and Twitter! Flashback to the world premiere in San Diego last year if you just can’t get enough (eg… picture below)!


The cast are joined by author Diana Gabaldon, Writer/EP Ron Moore and Carmi Zlotnik

The cast are joined by author Diana Gabaldon, Writer/EP Ron Moore and Carmi Zlotnik

March 24: Learn to wear a kilt
Grab your favorite plaid and learn how to wear a kilt! The video link explains why Sam talks about rolling on the ground to put on his kilt. If you already know how to wear one, explore and find a new twist on how to wear this versatile garment.

OUT_107-Jamie regalia

March 25: Re-watch your favorite Scotland-based film
Missing the gorgeous Scottish landscape? Watch your favorite Scotland-set film today! Is it Braveheart? Rob Roy? Brigadoon? Highlander? Brave?  There are a couple of lists of the top Scotland-set films which have a few that might surprise you. Share your favorite movie in the comments and maybe you can discover a new one!


March 26: Go herbing (via tea)
If you’re trying to reach anyone in the UK today, they are probably parked in front of Amazon Prime, binge-watching the first 8 episodes of Outlander which are finally released today! Yeah for them!
What’s more English than drinking tea? In honor of Outlander’s UK debut and in honor of Claire, let’s go beyond generic teabags and drink something a bit more adventurous, tasty and, well, interesting! There are lots of specialty tea shops that can help you out and here’s a website with a few suggestions on some great homemade teas with ingredients with side benefits to get you started. And then go have your tea leaves read and see if you’re also going to take a journey but not go anywhere…

OUT-102_Geillis and Claire

March 27: Outlander season one rewind!
Prep for the remainder of the season by re-watching the first half! Start tonight and watch an episode a day until the big premiere! For those of you who haven’t purchased a copy of the first half of the season (that’s what? Maybe 1 or 2 of you, tops?), order the limited edition set  with a Bear McCreary SIGNED copy of the sumptuous soundtrack! Outlander 1A DVD signed OST Here’s a flashback to Bear’s mini-concert before the big world premiere last year where we got to hear an extended version of the gorgeous opening credits song:

If you’d rather devour the show 8 hours at a time, Starz will be marathoning the first half of the season on April 4th, leading right up to the premiere of the next episode. In Canada, Showcase will be having an Outlander marathon on Sunday 3/29 starting at noon.

March 28: Drink like Claire Day
This is the last Saturday night you won’t be camped in front of a TV for a couple of months so mark the occasion by imbibing whiskey like its water (‘cause it was back then…). The Outlander Kitchen has some nice suggestions for whiskey virgins and there’s further reading if you want to get into the nuances of  a connoisseur.


If, by chance, you meet a bunch of Scots while your out hydrating, the Starz Outlander website has an informative quiz that will help you identify who your ideal Scot is!

Slainte! Here’s tae ye!

March 29: Find a bit of Scotland near you
Register to march in the New York Tartan Day Parade led by our own Graham McTavish! Everything will be Scottish on April 11th in NYC with hundreds of Outlander fans gathering and marching so join in on the fun with Outlander United. Starz is even a parade sponsor so it’s going to be a blast!

OUT-104 Dougal on horse leading

If you can’t make it to New York on April 11th, then look for another Scottish event near you! This link is far from complete, but here is a list of festivals and Highland games across the country which should be a lot of fun closer to home.  The Novel Strumpet/Alicia visited a bit of Scotland at the Scots Festival on the Queen Mary where she and #PocketJamie had a great time!

#PocketJaime's not sure about this

There are more Outlander-specific events to look forward to!

  • Comic Con takes over San Diego in July and it looks like Outlander is making a very welcome return trip to the pop culture convention.  While the event is sold out, you can try to win the Starz Outlander sweepstakes which includes travel, badges and an Outlander-themed luncheon! (We are totally available as plus ones if you need some company!
  • While not officially affiliated with Starz or Diana Gabaldon, there’s also an Outlandish Gathering in Quebec City in August where hundreds of fans will gather to celebrate all things Outlander!
  • You can also enter to win a trip to the season TWO premiere of Outlander!  While this is super exciting (we’re still available to, uh, chaperone), this contest pretty much confirms season two will start next spring so we should soak up every glorious upcoming episode before the next 10-month Droutlander.

March 30: Facebook Q&A with Sam Heughan!
Here’s your chance to ask Sam Heughan that question you’ve been dying to get answered! Sam will be doing a live Facebook question and answer at 12:30 pm (Pacific)! Head to the Outlander facebook page and send Sam your questions! A very witty guy, this should be fun!

Outlander Sam FB QA

March 31: Updated Outlandish Companion Vol 1 is out!
A new Outlander book! Kind of. Sort of. Diana Gabaldon has updated her guide to the world of Outlander since the original Outlandish Companion was published way back in 1999 when there were only 4 books in the series and, well, no TV show. Here’s a more detailed look at what’s in the updated version of the Outlandish Companion and what’s in store for the second volume which is due out in October of this year.

Outlandish companion

Want a SIGNED copy? Diana regularly signs book through The Poisonsed Pen – her local independent bookstore. If you’ve ever wanted a signed copy of one of her books (and who doesn’t?), you can order a copy of almost any edition of any of her books. She drops by frequently to sign and they are happy to ship (including internationally)!

April 1: Outlander episode 9 world premiere in New York City
The internet is exploding today!!!

New York is in for a treat as with a full-fledged tartan carpet premiere for the second half of the season! Look for lots of pictures and quotes from the night since the confirmed guest list includes Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Graham McTavish, Lotte Verbeek and Gary Lewis! The hastage to mark today’s events is a #TartanAffair. Want to observe the festivities? Starz will be streaming the premiere through the Periscope app so download it now and watch the fun!

Time Warner cable is also holding screenings in a lot of cities so there were be many squees across the country! (Remember to warn people if you’re going to spoil something!)

The Outlander men having fun with the crowd before the premiere

The Outlander men having fun with the crowd before the premiere

April 2: Reenact Favorite Scenes with #PocketJamie and #PocketClaire
By now you’ve probably got at least one – or more – so why not use them to re-live some of your favorite moments from Season 1 Part 1 or the book? Claire at the stones? Jamie and Claire picnicking with the animals? The wedding? There’s soooo many options! Do it for yourself, film it for others to enjoy or make a picture montage…the possibilities are endless! And just in case you haven’t been able to snag one yet, both #PocketJamie and #PocketClaire are available at the Outlander store! (And in our upcoming raffle contest…)

Here’s #PocketJamie back at Clare’s surgery at Castle Leoch!

#PocketJaime contemplating a letter at the Outlander booth

#PocketJaime contemplating a letter at the Outlander booth

April 3: Play Scottish warrior games (at your own risk)
In addition to all that fierce sword play, Scots are also known for a wide variety of sports. We’re not sure we’re up for the Highlander games which involves the hurling of very heavy/unwieldy objects so we’ll aim for the more practical sports.

Scotland’s best-known sports export is probably golf, but it’s a wee bit nippy to play this in some parts of the country. If you can’t golf, you can probably go curling – the sport where you play shuffleboard with a giant rock and brooms.

Or if you’re feeling more aggressive, you can always hold your own Shinty match as seen in the first half of the season. You remember…the sport that’s a cross between field hockey and a bar fight? We suggest wearing shin guards and having lots of ice and painkillers on hand…

Starz will kick off the celebration by showing the first episode at 1 pm/noon central. That’s a great time to get the party started because…

We made it!!!!!
Droutlander is over!
Count down the hours!
Turn off your phones!
Grab your tartans!
Gather your friends!
Raise a glass!
Let the story continue!


Outlander 1.1 poster

Thanks for sticking with us through these long and lean months! Alicia and Erica will be live tweeting with the West coast broadcast tonight!! We’ll also be posting our Outlander Recap and Reflection which will kick off our next Outlander swag giveaway!!

Stay tuned!

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