TV Heartbeat! Outlander is back! Togetherness Series Finale! Starz The Girlfriend Experience! Does Anyone Fear The Walking Dead?

It’s a day we’ve all been waiting for — season 2 of Outlander begins this week! Oh, and other stuff is happening this week, too!

Outlander begins season 2 officially this Saturday on Starz. Starz subscribers can view the first episode starting TOMORROW if you head to the app, the website or check your cable provider’s on-demand section.

Out 2 Press+Kit_Claire+Randall+Fraser+(Caitriona+Balfe);+Jamie+Fraser+(Sam+Heughan)+(1)

Need a quick refresher on how season 1 ended? Battered, bruised and scared from their dealings with Black Jack Randall (who was trampled by cows), Jamie and Clare are unexpectedly expecting. With Murtagh, they head to France to try to stop Bonnie Prince Charlie from his ill-fated attempt to re-claim the Scottish throne awhile ends with the bloody Battle of Culloden. Yeah, there’s a lot on the horizon this season!

Starz is also starting up a new series called The Girlfriend Experience. Steven Soderbergh produces this series inspired by his film of the same name. Riley Keough (Elvis’s granddaughter and best known for Mad Max: Fury Road) plays a call girl who offers extra services in New York.

The Girlfriend experience

Fear the Walking Dead is back. Zzzzzzzzzzzz….oh where was I? Yeah, I didn’t like this series but ratings were good and so AMC ordered up more episodes (15 this season instead of 6). This second season will be split into 2 chunks. It’ll be interesting to see the ratings for this second season when it’s up against Game of Thrones in a few weeks.

fear the walking dead

The Magicians and iZombie are renewed for another season so this week’s season finales aren’t permanent goodbyes. Sleepy Hollow wraps up its season this Friday, but it’s feature is not so clear yet.


American Idol, however, is definitely ending so the final swan song will be sung on Thursday.

american idol

Togetherness is also saying its finale farewell with its series ending on HBO on Sunday.

Togetherness the complete season one press promo still

MTV throws its annual golden popcorn fest with the MTV Movie Awards.

MTV-movie-awards- 2

Syfy’s Hunters has an impressive pedigree with producers from The Walking Dead (Gale Anne Hurd) and 12 Monkeys (Natalie Chaidez). FBI agent Flynn (Nathan Phillips) is in pursuit of his kidnapped wife who is in the hands of the strangest terrorists on Earth. I’ll have more on this show on Friday.

Tonight: Young & Hungry season finale (Freeform), Baby a Daddy season finale (Freeform)
Thursday: American Idol series finale (Fox)
Friday: Sleepy Hollow season (series?) finale (Fox), Animals season finale (HBO), Catastrophe season premiere (Amazon)
Saturday: Outlander season premiere (Starz)
Sunday: The Girlfriend Experience debut (Starz), Fear the Walking Dead season premiere (AMC), MTV Movie Awards (MTV), Togetherness series finale (HBO), Billions season finale (Showtime), House of Lies season premiere (Showtime)
Monday: The Magicians season finale (Syfy), Hunters debut (Syfy), The Detour debut (TBS)
Tuesday: iZombie season finale (The CW), Game of Silence debut (NBC), The Mindy Project season premiere (Hulu)
Wednesday: Face/Off season finale (Syfy), Strong debut (NBC)

Stay tuned!

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