Outlander Recap and Reflection! The Comte strikes again! Dinner at the Frasiers!

Recap – Episode #204 “La Dame Blanche”

Another day, another chess match – literally. This time Claire has joined Jamie for his regular game with Duverney, the French Minister of Finance. Most guys love a beautiful lady on their arm during a game, but Claire is actually distraction as they discuss possible names for the wee bairn which include Lambert (for Claire’s beloved Uncle) or Dalhousie. Dalhousie? (Jamie wants to name their kid after a castle.) Either way, the name will guarantee the child will be beat up on the playground.

Duverney graciously calls the game a draw and the men settle into a real game. Claire wanders around the room and grabs a glass of wine as the glowering Comte de Ste. Germaine watches in the distance. He saves his trademark glare for Claire since he’s still smarting over his lost cargo and ship. After a sip of her wine, Claire keels over and Jamie rushes across the room and carries her home. Ste. Germaine is almost stroking a white cat while saying “excellent.”

Outlander Season 2 2016

Outlander Season 2 2016

Claire recovers at home and self-diagnoses herself as having a dose of bitter cascara which is the stuff that Master Raymond passes off as “poison” so he doesn’t actually kill anyone. While they have no proof, they know it was the Comte. They can’t do anything about it since they need to be scandal-free to keep in touch with Prince Charlie.

Speaking of Charlie, Duverney talked with French King Louis who is intrigued by Prince Charlie’s offer of an alliance once he takes over Britain. Support from Charlie’s English allies makes him a legit contender. Jamie has a two-step plan to address this:
1.) Invite the Duke of Sandringham (the most prominent English ally) to a dinner party so he can meet Foppy Prince Charlie for the first time
2.) Get Charlie to drop his royal façade and show his pompous self who is not fit to lead a rebellion.

Claire agrees that it’s a good plan, but that means Jamie needs to be near Sandringham which means the secret of Black Jack’s non-death is about to come out. Claire decides it’s time for confession. Jamie’s reaction is not what she expected – he’s happy. He’s happy since he still has a chance to kill Black Jack himself! Yes, he’s aware that he can’t rush off to Scotland, but now he has life goals. He sees this news as a gift. This is the kind of gift Jamie likes? What does she get him on their anniversary…?

Feeling better the next day, Claire heads to Master Raymond’s in yet another sumptuous gown. He acknowledges that he sold some bitter cascara to a servant he didn’t know. They continue their conversation in his secret lab since people watch him and the King doesn’t like the “mystical arts.” His secret lab has more herbs and even a dinosaur fossil since he’s fascinated by things “not of this time.” Aren’t we all?

Outlander Season 2 2016

Anyway, the perceptive Raymond senses that something’s bothering Claire. (With Jamie set to kill Black Jack at some point, it means that Frank’s existence is still in doubt. Yeah she’s with Jamie, but that doesn’t mean she wants Frank dead.) Raymond pulls out shake knuckles which Zulus use to tell the future. She rolls the knuckles and Raymond reads the bones and reassures her that she will see Frank again. Wait, what?!?

We know that she’ll see Frank (that reunion kicked off the awesome premiere to this season), but Claire isn’t so sure. Raymond gives her a necklace that will turn colors when it’s around poison. Marvelously handy.

At Claire’s next step, she gets to marvel at a….cuckoo clock! She’s at Louise’s place for their regular gossip session and Louise is showing off her latest gadget. Louise sends Mary Hawkins off to feed her monkey who bites everyone so she can talk privately with Claire. Louise needs Claire’s help since she’s pregnant and, well, her husband isn’t the father. Whoops!

Claire warns that it’s dangerous and Louise is starting to freak. Louise wants the baby, but she’s worried her husband will banish her to a convent. Claire suggests jumping into bed with her husband and claiming the child is his, but Louise doesn’t want to make her lover angry. He’d marry her, but she knows that’s not possible.

Speaking of jumping into bed, later that evening, Jamie is all sorts of frisky and wakes Claire up. This is a welcome change and she’s all happy to oblige until she notices that he’s got bite marks…on his upper thighs. He’s back from Madame Elise and in this mood? Jamie keeps digging himself into a hole as he talks about being filled with lust at the whore house. He’s excited that he’s finally excited again and Claire is pissed that it was with another woman.

With the goal of killing Black Jack, Jamie feels whole and alive again. He’s totally missed the fact that he’s neglected Claire and the wee bairn. He’s been stewing in his own recovery and Claire begs him to finally talk to her about it.

So he finally does. His most private, inner self was basically blown apart by Wentworth and he’s been trying to hide ever since. After that confession, he’s no longer feeling frisky and goes to sleep in the dressing room. Claire decides that she’s not letting him keep his distance after this confession and they kiss and make up. Yay!

Their pillow talk is interrupted when a stumbling would-be king tumbles off the roof into their house. Claire, meet Bonnie Prince Charlie. Bonnie Prince Charlie, meet Lady Broch Turach.

Charlie’s had a “ghastly and painful” injury in the form of a monkey bite. A monkey bite? Is this man really Scottish? Whiny Prince Charlie is determined to win back his lady love after she tossed him out when her husband came home. Lightbulb! Louise is carrying Prince Charlie’s baby!!

Ah ha! That’s the key to step 2 in the Dinner with Sandingham plan! Put Louise and the baby news in front of Charlie and he’s sure to do something stupid in front of Sandringham. Bwahahahahahaha…

The day of the big dinner, Claire heads off to the hospital because there’s been an emergency. Jamie sends Murtagh and Fergus to watch her and make sure she gets home in time for the dinner. The two are bored, waiting for her to finish so they can escort her home. They chat and Fergus reveals that he’s very astute at reading the ladies by tiny cues. Mary Hawkins is in love and heartbroken. Murtagh asks if Suzette, the lady’s maid, is in love. Fergus says oui (Murtagh starts to puff up), she’s in love with every guy she sees. Ouch!

Outlander Season 2 2016

Outlander Season 2 2016

Inside the hospital, we see adorable Bouton running around so that means some heavy guts scenes to counteract the cuteness. Claire picks up a few tricks (a spot to deaden the pain, dead people’s fat makes a great hand lotion) and also a compliment from Mother Hildegarde.

She’s finally ready to head home when they discover that the carriage is broken. Claire, Mary and Murtagh are forced to make the long walk home. Yes, they will be late to the party.

Jamie is left alone to greet their illustrious guests. The Duke of Sandringham admires Jamie’s fancy French duds and introduces Jamie to Alex Randall who is sent to help the servants. Mary Hawkins’ uncle and her fiancée arrive. Prince Charlie gets his introduction to Sandringham. At every great party, there’s always a party crasher. Sandringham invited the Comte Ste. Germaine to the Frasier soiree. Ugh. He’s like a bad rash that won’t go away!

Meanwhile, Mary is feeling confessional on their walk home. She tells Claire that she’s met someone and they’ve fallen in love over letters. She’s been writing to Randall. Gulp! While Mary and Black Jack are supposed to marry and eventually beget Frank, it’s hard to picture those two as a couple. Upon further probing, Claire learns that Mary is in love with Alex Randall and not Black Jack.

Suddenly they get jumped by a group of men who knock out Murtagh. One of the guys rapes poor innocent Mary while the others deal with Claire who’s resisting like a wildcat. She notices a large purple birthmark on the hand of one of the assailants as he lowers her hood. One of the thugs freaks and calls her “La Dame Blanche” (The White Woman) and crosses himself before he flees in terror. Claire cuffs her other assailant (who also runs away like a little girl) and tosses Mary’s rapist aside.
Back at the party, Louise and her husband arrive and Jamie introduces the couple to an unnerved Prince Charles who makes out with the back of Louise’s hand. Everyone is uncomfortable. Perfect!

Outlander Season 2 2016

Claire is finally back home with an unconscious Mary. Jamie is ready to go after the four masked brigands, but Claire reminds him that now is not the time with their plan in motion. To protect Mary’s reputation, they sneak her inside the back staircase. Her uncle and her fiancée are here so they can’t let them know she’s no longer a virgin or she’ll never get married. They put her in the guest room where Claire tends to her wounds. Alex Randall will watch over her while Claire gets ready for dinner.

Jamie is laying odds that the Comte is behind this assault too and he’s ready to head downstairs and chop off his head. The news about this gate crasher does not help Claire’s nerves. But, she arrives with aplomb and, yeah, the Comte is surprised to see her at the party. He must be getting frustrated that she’s surviving all his attempts to kill her. Poor fella! (Not.)

Claire catches up briefly with Louise who’s told her husband that the baby is his via a drunken night of fun a few months ago. He’s elated and she gets to keep her baby and won’t be sent to a nunnery. Win-win for Louise!

Sandringham throws a jab at the Pope and Charlie gets ruffled since the Pope’s been good to him. Charlie’s sensitive about anything Catholic since that’s his justification for claiming the British throne. It also makes him sound like a nut as he drones on about his claim. Louise cuts him off and changes the subject and Charlie jibes that women are fickle. Oooo!

Jamie’s plan is working! To ignite the flames, Jamie congratulates Louise and her husband on their baby. Charlie drinks and makes some bitter jabs at Louise’s husband. Wounds everywhere.

Claire is wearing the poison-detecting stone that Master Raymond gave her. The Comte comments that it’s supposed to be magical, if you believe in that sort of thing. He is rather knowledgeable about this stone.

Upstairs, Alex confesses his love to a sleeping Mary. When she starts to wake, she’s in a bit of a nightmare state from painkillers which make her a little nutty. She doesn’t recognize Alex who tries to restrain her which is NOT the way to handle rape victims. She flees the room and into a drawing room. Alex chases her down and her screams draw the attention of all the guests. This does not look good for either for anyone.

Alex looks like a rapist and Mary’s unexplained presence in a nightgown makes the Frasers look bad, too. Mary’s uncle and fiancé start to assault Jamie and Murtagh jumps into the fray. The Comte whisks Prince Charlie away and goes to summon the police.

Sigh! Jamie’s masterful plan was sooooo close to working!

Outlander Season 2 2016

Reflection – what did we think?

Erica: One step closer and then two steps back! It’s their first attempt to stop a war so they weren’t doing too bad…until poor Mary came screaming through the house in her nightgown.

Alicia:Seriously! Poor Mary, though, she was already so timid. But mark that…well, mark, on that hand. I’m sure we’ll be seeing that again at some point.

Erica: I have to say I was impressed at how long Mary’s uncle and fiancé were able to brawl with Jamie. They don’t seem particularly fit, but they did go a few rounds with Jamie and Murtagh.

Alicia:LOL…right? Also how Murtagh was going to stab one of them with a knife. Um, bit extreme there Murtagh.

Erica: Who would’ve guessed that it would take Black Jack Randall to bring Claire and Jamie back together? Who guessed that Jamie was so jealous of the trampling cows? It’s good to see them working together again.

Alicia:Peculiar, but I can understand Jamie’s POV. And yes, so glad that strain is ebbing away. It’s always more fun when they’re working together.

Erica: Extra points for that scene with Murtagh and Fergus! Nice to see them bonding over girl talk!

Alicia:Can we just take a moment and point out Claire talking about going to Africa and hanging with the Zulus in the 18th c. Um…Claire…don’t think it’s all that common for ladies to travel into Africa and hang with the local tribes at that time. And I love how Master Raymond doesn’t bat an eye.

—–BOOK READERS DISCUSSION – (Spoiler Alert!!)———————————

Erica:It’s nice to see they are able to keep in the little “slice of life” moments from the books eg. The hangman’s grease! Yeesh!

Alicia:I’m finding the shifts in this season interesting…not sure if it’s good or bad interesting, but interesting. I agree about the ‘slice of life’ moments. I’m trying to not get nitpicky about things so I want to give it a couple of more episodes.



Want a sneak peek at next week’s episode? Here’s the official summary from Starz:

Episode 205: Untimely Resurrection
Reunited, Jamie and Claire attempt to extinguish the fires their dinner party ignited; however, Claire is set off on an unexpected change of course. Jamie and Claire’s relationship is put to the ultimate test when the past rears its ugly head.

Stay tuned!

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