Own A Piece Of Dexter! Prop And Costume Display Auction For The Lamented Michael C. Hall Series!

Dexter is one of my favorite shows ever and like a lot of shows, they are going to have an auction for some of the props and costumes.

If you’re dying to own a piece of Dexter, here’s your chance.

Dexter season 8 final season promo poster banner michael c hall rare hot sexy serial killer showtime series

From what I can tell there’s not a lot of key props up for auction, however, there are some cool stuff.

There are some of the Miami Metro evidence boxes,

dexter prop costume evidence box

evidence photos,

dexter prop costume evidence box


dexter prop costume evidence box

and more.

dexter prop costume evidence box

If you’re a fan it’s totally worth checking out, the sale starts in four days so make sure and take a look here.

And if you would like to perhaps pick up an evidence box or two for this fanboy… I won’t say no! 😉

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