Paleyfest CBS Fall TV Preview! Billy Leaves His “Man Card” At The Door And Heads Out To Meet Katherine McPhee!

The Paley Center hosts a wide range of screenings that preview the Fall TV debuts of the new season. Now, I’ll have a recap of one I attended, but Billy Beer wanted to share his moment in time with the cast of Scorpion at the CBS fall preview.

Every event is different and every time something new happens to put a wrinkle in the mix.

Billy wanted to meet Katherine McPhee… And in doing so, has left his man card at home. I don’t judge (at least not out loud… Well.. At least not behind people’s backs. 🙂 I’m glad Billy can “express” his love for Katherine McPhee in our current society. And we all support Billy, in his decision to do so.

Check out his recap below!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool.  Today we are off for the Paley Center Fall Preview for the new shows CBS has to offer, and they will bring cast members from one or two of the shows for a Q & A.    This is usually a fun event, cause not only do you get to see the new shows before they come out, you get free food and drinks to go along with it!

I get there on the early side cause I wanted to make sure I got a close spot.  Usually, when they have screenings after the Q & A, they RUSH everyone off stage faster than Mike can make a smart ass comment after he doesn’t get everything he wants.  

(Editor’s Note: Me? A Smartass? Noooooo M-)

Each time I’m gone, I really only have the opportunity/time to get one person.  That’s OK, cause the show they had a panel for was Scorpion, and although the cast is really good, the only one I really wanted to meet was Katharine McPhee. 

I have only voted once for American Idol, and it was for her.  I know she’s been out promoting other shows in the past, I just have never gotten to meet her.  My friends I was with were also going for her and Eddie Kaye Thomas (the guy that screwed Stifler’s mom). 

After waiting a while, we find out, that even though we got there extra early, there are people who bought VIP tickets.  Now the night before those VIP people got to sit in the second row.  Well I guess getting to get signatures and take pictures with cast members beforehand in the green room wasn’t enough for them, they complained and wanted the front row also (so they can get signatures and take pictures…..AGAIN!) and they got it.  GREAT!

We get in and get our seats.  Being the 2nd person there still got me 3rd row.  AMAZING!  After we get our spots, time to enjoy the food!  they had little pizza bites, mac and cheese balls, chicken on a stick, chips, oh and FREE BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!

After about 4 of those in 30 minutes, it was time to watch the show.  I hope I call this one right, but the show was GREAT!  It’s based off a real person and a mixture of real events.  I really hope this one sticks around!  I will be watching it!

Paleyfest Fall TV CBS preview scorpion katherine McPhee  2

Now for the cast and producers.  There are 2 rows of people, the back row is all producers including the man the show is based off of, and the front row was the cast.  Katharine looked amazing!  Robert Patrick seemed to be having fun with the younger cast.  A lot of T2 references!  The rest of the cast was quite witty too. 

Paleyfest Fall TV CBS preview scorpion katherine McPhee  2

The moderator did a good job talking to everyone about their characters, and digging about future episodes.  It was fun having the real genius (not Val Kilmer) and the character playing him together.  I guess this guy is one of the top 4 smartest people in the world. 

Paleyfest Fall TV CBS preview scorpion katherine McPhee  2

Paleyfest Fall TV CBS preview scorpion katherine McPhee  2

When the Q & A ends, it goes exactly as I expected.  We rush up there, and a couple of them are already gone.  Luckily, Katharine was right there.  I ask her if she could sign, and she says sure, signs one of my pictures, another guy’s picture, and then drops the pen faster than Erica can put up another article about Outlander. 

I rush out hoping to get them walking through the lobby.  I see Katharine again and ask for a quick picture, but they have her running faster than Mike running onstage at a Facts of Life reunion. 

(Editor’s Note: Just wait. M-)

Well, I did at least get one, but I was hoping for a picture too.  I’m greedy. 

Instead of watching the other shows, we decide to go outside in hopes of getting people leaving.  My friend got his Eddie, but no Katharine.  So we’re both out with the same goal.  After standing in the front and watching all the producers leave, someone asks us who we were waiting for.  We told them the cast.  They then told us they all left another way, and only one person was left.  UGH!  We run over to that area, and low and behold, the one person left was Katharine. 

We stand and wait while she finishes talking to the creator.  At that time a security guard comes over to us and asks us what we had.  We showed him the pictures and told him we would be respectful (there was just us 3).  He goes over and talks to the publicist and then comes back to us and tells us she will not be signing anything.  We again tell him we will be respectful, and still plan on at least calling to her and asking her.  He smiles and says, and tells us he just had to relay the message. 

After waiting a couple of minutes, she was ready for the car.  We call to her, and tell her there’s only three of us.  The publicist was seriously trying to drag her.  Luckily she breaks free, and runs over to us (OK, maybe I dramatized it a little, but that’s what it felt like)  We each had one picture for her to sign, and then she was nice enough to take pictures too.  I tell her I was a big fan a voted for her on American Idol, and still remembered that yellow dress.  She smiled, and then was on her way.  Finally, after a week of kinda goods, this event turned out perfect.  Well, I’ve already had a few free beers, it’s hot, time for some ice cream.  Till next time.


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