Will Heads To Paris! Hilton That Is! When He Meets The Singer At Her Record Release Party!

It’s also awesome to hear about XXX Will. This time Will is heading to Paris, the Paris on Hilton Aisle. Yes, Will wanted to meet the singer/heiress/perfume brand trendsetter. He headed down to her single release party and had a blast!

He saw the purple carpet, and even met the star herself! NICE!

Check out his recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo

I headed out to meet no other than heiress socialite Paris Hilton. She was having a Single Release Party at a nightclub to promote her new song “Come Alive” (I’ve heard the song and let’s just say it is the most auto tuned song ever haha) Ms. Hilton is now a big time DJ.
I arrived to see a bunch of paps setting up at the red carpet. I did not see any collectors or dealers around. A few fans, tourists and looky loos were the majority of the crowd. I take my spot at the end of the purple carpet.

Nicky Hilton arrives and heads onto the carpet she does a interview with Extra then poses for the paparazzi.

I tried to go for a photo op at the end of the carpet but her publicist quickly pulls her away and says to me “Sorry we’re in a rush” darn!
Here comes the star of the event Paris Hilton! She gracefully makes her way onto the purple carpet posing for the paparazzi before doing a interview and then poses again before making her way inside the nightclub
  When she stepped out of the purple carpet and bodyguards were taking her inside the nightclub I approached her and asked for a photo op. She was so sweet and heard she is always kind to her fans.
I thought this event would have more celebrities in attendance which explains the lack of collectors and dealers. But it was a good night. Thanks, Paris! Until next time!

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