Pop Culture Countdown! Kennedy Gets Propositioned By Michael Jordan! Superman Gets A Big Bang! Lohan B-Day! Ryan Gosling Look-A-Likes! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

Are you down with the PCC?

Nope, that’s never going to get old!

Today is a fabulous 4th edition! The saucey Karalee is giving us the scoop on all things pop culture! God bless her!

Just a quick sampling of this weeks clips! Ryan Gosling Look a likes, Kennedy propositioned by Michael Jordan, Henry Cavill and Penny From Big Bang Theory are together, and more!

Check it out below! And have a great weekend guys!



Hola, friends! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I’m jealous of all of you who didn’t have to go back into work today. So jealous, in fact, I almost dedicated an entire PCC to Amanda Bynes and Justin Bieber. But then I thought, “What would our country’s forefathers do?” Crisis averted. And now, on to this week’s PCC…

Mirror, mirror…

ryan gosling hot sexy headshot rare promo

Last month, aspiring actor Nicholas Ryan spent $5,000 on plastic surgery to look like Ryan Gosling.

Nicholas Ryan _surgery ryan gosling hot sexy headshot rare promo

He claims the surgery has led to more acting jobs and that people have told him he looks like Gosling — a claim both Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder rare promo head shot

and Andrea Bocelli vehemently deny.

andrea bocelli rare promo head shot rare

Sorry, Lois Lane

henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco walking around hot sexy superman star

Superman is off the market — and off to the market, according to pics captured of Hollywood’s hottest new IT couple, “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco of the “Big Bang Theory.”

henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco walking around hot sexy superman star

How soon before people start referring to them as Caco? Or Haley? Or,…oh never mind. From Leonard Hofstadter

johnny galecki big bang theory star leonard hoffsteder

to Superman —

Henry Cavill hot sexy rare promo scruffy man of steel star

nicely played, Cuoco. Nicely played.

Kaley Cuoco hot sexy rare promo sexy photo rare big bang theory star

Thanks, but no thanks

Kim kardashian Kanye west photo couple rare promo red carpet

Kim K. and Kanye reportedly turned down $3 million from an Australian magazine to feature baby photos of North/Nori. I have to say, I’m pleasantly stunned by this. Though also extremely sad as I have a feeling that means another publication will pony up even more dough for the coveted snapshots.

money cash dough greenbacks rare

And how long can this parenting powerhouse say no? Remember Kim chose to keep all her wedding gifts from her failed first marriage. And Kanye, modest messiah that he is, will surely need the extra cash to, I don’t know, swaddle Nori or blow his nose. And then rap about it. Humbly, of course.

Make a wish

Lindsay Lohan birthday rare happy birthday looking rough

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday this week. Happy birthday, Lilo! You don’t look a day over 43.

Lindsay Lohan birthday rare happy birthday looking rough


MTV VJ kennedy waving to the camera rare promo

Former MTV VJ Kennedy recently revealed that Michael Jordan wanted to have sex with her if he won a bet at a bar. Making the wager even more dicey: She was a virgin.


In her new book, she writes that she tried to deflect the situation by telling the b-ball legend he was married (this all took place in ’95)

michael jordan rare promo head shot flexing rare

and suggested they play for basketball tickets instead. Kennedy says she won the dice game, but did not say whether she got courtside.

MTV VJ kennedy waving to the camera rare promo

File this under: Things you never wanted to know.

That’s all for this week…catch ya on the flip side!

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